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Food that makes you happy

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Life mostly takes us by surprise. There are happy days, and then there are days when life seems bland. But someone wise once said that life is supposed to be celebrated.

So, here are some delicious, lip-smacking Rajbhog Sweets that’ll always make life better with their distinct flavors.


Gulab Jamun

Mouth-watering Rajbhog Sweets are sure to soothe your soul and instantly bring a calming smile to your face. Beat any kind of blues with this dessert that is a part of every celebration menu.

Dum Aloo

Potatoes have always made it to our list of comfort food in the form of chips, fries, wedges, hash browns, etc. But our desi friend, Dum Aloo, comes with some warm and homely Indian flavors, one must try!


Rajma to most Indians is very special. Well, it has got to be, it ends with the word Ma. This kidney bean dish is something that takes every desi to a short tour back home in every bite. Now, how is that to uplift your spirits!


A winter delight but made available all through the year by us, will make you go weak in your knees. Apart from being super nutritious, it is packed with robust Indian flavors that will make you happy.


Whether you do or you don’t have a sweet tooth, Rasmalai is loved by all. It is believed to melt hearts as soon as it melts in the mouth. Don’t believe us? Try it out and find out for yourself.

Ice Creams

Ice creams are loved by all ages, genders, and ethnicities. We have a long, really long list of flavors you can pick from to feel good in your mind, body, and soul.


A yogurt drink flavored that comes in multiple flavors like berry, mango, savory, and more. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Lassi is your savior if you are having a bad day.

Gajar Halwa

To some, just the name of this dish gives sheer joy. Fresh carrots, cooked in milk, sugar, and lots of ghee, garnished with dry fruits. Drooling already?

Motichoor Ladoo

No one can stop at one! These sweet Boondi ladoos have fans all across the globe and will make you forget your worries in an instant.

Gur Para

These are just like the candies that grandma used to give. Each bite will fix your mood and you will feel all charged up again.

Life can get a little tough on us sometimes, but these amazing dishes won’t let us feel low ever. Try them in the comfort of your home. Shop at our stores, order online, or enjoy Rajbhog Sweets at our café.