Flavors of India in Ready to eat meals

Discovering the Flavors of India with Rajbhog Foods

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At Rajbhog Foods, we offer vegetarian dishes in convenient ready-to-eat packs to give you an experience of Indian culinary art, full of rich desi flavors that can fit into your tight schedule. You will taste different Indian dishes without spending hours in the kitchen! Our dishes provide the real exploration of Indian taste as they combine diverse culinary delights from the streets of Mumbai and rich curries from North India, all flavored with signature spices. Have you heard about Rajbhog Foods’ specialties? We make it easier for you to taste the varied cuisine of India even when you are on the go. Read more to learn how our ready-to-eat meal options lighten up your life!

Indian cuisine is a combination of flavors, cultures, and local dishes, all of which are full of life. From the fiery curries of the North to the tangy chutneys of the South, Indian food is a sensory experience unlike any other. This is because spices are used in the right proportion, and so much work is put into preparing them. However, trying to replicate these authentic flavors of India at home can be difficult. But with Rajbhog Foods, we make it easier for you. Our ready-to-eat packs are enriched with the essence of India.

Rajbhog Foods: Bringing Indian Cuisine to the USA for 4 Decades

Many people in America crave homemade Indian meals that remind them of their beloved motherland. Rajbhog Foods is the ultimate solution for enjoying the authentic flavors of India without extensive preparation. Our ready-to-eat meals let you easily savor India’s diverse culinary delights.

We Bridge the Culinary Gap

At Rajbhog Foods, we understand your need for authentic Indian dishes. Our ready-to-eat meals have been created just for you so that you can experience the real flavors of India in the way they were made there. Whether it’s a breakfast choice, a rich Indian curry, or appetizers, everything we offer is authentic! With Rajbhog Foods, you can enjoy regional specialties without spending hours in the kitchen, making exploring India’s diverse culinary landscape easier.

Get Ready to Enjoy the Rich Flavors of India with Rajbhog Foods

Discovering the Flavors of India with Rajbhog Foods

Kadi Pakoda

Originating from North India, this comfort dish brings soft vegetable fritters immersed in spiced yogurt-based curry. Pour a generous amount of Kadhi Pakora on basmati rice and let it warm you. Our yogurt-based gravy is a true representation of the rich flavors of India.

Discovering the Flavors of India with Rajbhog Foods

Vegetable Biryani

Want to try a rich Indian one-bowl meal? Our Vegetable Biryani is a wholesome option comprising vegetables mixed with authentic Basmati rice. The dish contains a lot of spices and flavors and goes well for your lunch or dinner. Our ready-to-eat Vegetable Biryani ensures you enjoy this regional specialty with ease.

Discovering the Flavors of India with Rajbhog Foods

Pau Bhaj

Pau Bhaji is a tasty combination dish that consists of mashed vegetables and spices served on pav. This signature street food from Mumbai is so tempting you cannot resist it. Now, with our ready-to-eat packs, you can enjoy Pau Bhaji anytime.

Discovering the Flavors of India with Rajbhog Foods

Batata Poha

Batata Poha is a light and yummy breakfast dish popular in Maharashtra. It comprises thin rice flakes and potatoes mixed with some basic spices. It is very light and good for a tasty breakfast meal.

Discovering the Flavors of India with Rajbhog Foods

Corn Poha

Corn Poha is another variation of the renowned Indian dish mainly eaten for breakfast. Our Corn Poha is a tasty substitution for the traditional favorite. It’s an Indian breakfast option you will love.

Discovering the Flavors of India with Rajbhog Foods

Dudhi Handvo

This savory dish is made from bottle gourd and lentils and is a healthy and tasty option from Gujarat. It is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed as a snack or a breakfast. Our Dudhi Handvo brings the authentic taste to your table.

Discovering the Flavors of India with Rajbhog Foods

Methi Handvo

Like Dudhi Handvo, this version uses fenugreek leaves for an added flavor. It is a delicious way to enjoy a traditional Gujarati snack. Our Methi Handvo offers a medley of vegetables and spices in each bite.

Discovering the Flavors of India with Rajbhog Foods

Khaman Dhokla

A fluffy sponge cake made from fermented chickpea batter, Khaman Dhokla is a popular snack from Gujarat. It’s light, spongy, and perfect for any time of the day. Our Khaman Dhokla is a true taste of India.

Choose Convenience, Choose Rajbhog Foods

Life in the USA may get so busy that there’s minimal time left to cook extravagant meals. With Rajbhog Foods, you no longer need to sacrifice India’s essence. Our ready-to-eat meals are convenient for busy people who want to eat well without stress. Whether you are craving a yogurt gravy Kadi Pakoda or a frozen vegetable biryani, Rajbhog Foods has everything you crave for. Enjoy our ready-to-eat meals and discover the diverse culinary offerings of India.

Embrace the Flavors of India with Rajbhog Foods

At Rajbhog Foods, we pride ourselves on bringing the rich flavors of India to your table. Our diverse culinary offerings ensure you can enjoy authentic Indian dishes anytime. Our ready-to-eat meals are perfectly crafted, from the tangy Kadi Pakoda to the soulful Pau Bhaji. Say goodbye to the extensive preparation and hello to convenience with Rajbhog Foods.


Discover the flavors of India with Rajbhog Foods. Our ready-to-eat packs offer a delicious and convenient way to enjoy authentic Indian cuisine. Savor the taste of India, one meal at a time, with Rajbhog Foods. Visit any Rajbhog Cafés or a grocery store nearby and shop for your favorites today!

Our diverse range of authentic Indian dishes includes yogurt-based gravy dishes, vegetables sauteed in rich flavors, and long-grain rice meals. Enjoy our savory breakfast options like Batata Poha Corn Poha and great breakfast choices like Khaman Dhokla and Methi Handvo.

Order online for a hassle-free experience and savor the authentic taste of India with Rajbhog Foods.