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We, at Rajbhog Foods, take pride in being the top Indian Food and Sweet brand across the USA.

We are also proud of our growth and success since our inception. We have worked with 100% passion and dedication day after day to reach where we are today.

We are aware of the hard work and persistence that goes into starting and sustaining a business. We wanted to give people an opportunity to start their own business, hence we dedicated ourselves to help the community with our Franchise Programs.


Benefits of franchising with Rajbhog Foods

Experienced management team

With a track record of over 30 years in the business and the addition of a seasoned and experienced leadership team, Rajbhog Foods has grown from one store to many stores in recent years and many more to come in the future.

An under-penetrated and growing marketplace

We are the only brand that exists in the Authentic Indian Fast Food segment that promises to provide a truly authentic experience at varied locations. Rajbhog Foods is uniquely structured to ensure consistency across the network of cafes and restaurants.

The popularity of the Indian Fast Food segment

In recent years, the Indian Fast Food concept has taken over all the other segments in the food business. Even the people from other ethnicities are developing a liking for Indian Food and Sweets as it assimilates more into mainstream America.

Authentic Menu & Contemporary Attitude

What sets our brand apart is our truly authentic menu and our contemporary attitude. We focus on serving our customers with authentic Indian food in an ambience that makes them feel at home.

Recession Resistant Category

This fast-casual dining segment has proven to be recession-resistant and outperforms full-service restaurants in a slowing economy too. Join us on our journey to success and spreading love and happiness. Start your own cafe today under our Franchise Program. To know more, reach out to us on (email, form, etc.)

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