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Best Indian dry fruit sweets to try this winter

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Winter is the ideal time to relish different dry fruits. They keep our bodies warm and act as delicious fuel with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Indian culture has an age-old practice of adding dry fruits to sweet delicacies; thus, including dry fruits is easier with Indian sweets. Let’s check out some fantastic Indian sweets with dry fruits you can enjoy during winter.

Winter is the most mystical time when we can enjoy different dishes, favorite TV shows, and cozy times with family. When it comes to food, we can enjoy delicious meals, the sweetest desserts, and our favorite beverages together. Winter calls for amazing sweet delicacies, but nothing beats authentic Indian sweets when it comes to naturally warming our bodies and enjoying classic flavors.

Days are cold, short, and full of cravings!

Curl up in the warmth of your hoodie or blanket with a plate of Indian sweets and a movie to watch. What a beautiful thought!

Yes, winter is the perfect time to enjoy your favorite dishes, but it’s also necessary to give the warmth your body deserves.

Did you know in the old days, sugar was so expensive that people used to rely on dry fruits due to their naturally occurring sugar content? Dry fruits bring warmth during winter, thus making them ideal for winter consumption.

At Rajbhog Foods, we can make your winter days sweeter days. Through our years of experience, we have been bringing the most authentic Indian mithais to the people of the USA, and with this article, we are sharing our top 5 dry fruit sweets for this winter season:

Best Indian dry fruit sweets to try this winter

Khajur Roll

Khajur Roll is a feast of dates filled with a lot of energy and warmth. It is an exceptional winter sweet dish. A few pieces of Khajur Roll will give you energy and nutrition needed for this winter with the mild flavor of sweet dates.

Best Indian dry fruit sweets to try this winter

Swiss Roll

Swiss Roll is the ultimate dreamy treat for cold days. Filled with mixed nuts and poppy seeds, Swiss Roll is a great sweet dish for your parties. The assorted dry fruits give you all the needed nutrition during winter, and poppy seeds are meant for the perfect crunch.

Best Indian dry fruit sweets to try this winter

Kaju Pista Roll

The tempting Kaju Pista Roll can make you drool over and blow your mind this winter. Rajbhog Foods’ pure Kaju Pista Rolls is a winter special sweet dish made from the best cashews, pistachios, and the right amount of sugar. Make sure you enjoy this Indian delight packed with goodness and love.

Best Indian dry fruit sweets to try this winter

Anjir Roll

Looking for a sweet vegan dish full of dry fruits? We bring you authentic Anjeer Rolls with healthy nutty sweetness from dry figs. We also pair it with cashews so you can enjoy the complete package of health along with sweetness. You can also serve it as a healthy dessert or pack it in your kids’ lunch box.

Best Indian dry fruit sweets to try this winter


Dilbahar is an eclair-shaped sweet, soft and creamy Indian dessert made with creamy fresh traditional khoya and dipped in sugar syrup. A popular Bengali sweet dish is extremely tasty and comes with the natural goodness of health due to its milk solids content.

All these sweet dishes mentioned here are incredibly healthy for your body. You can also gift them to your loved ones.

Try these Indian dry fruit sweets this winter, and forget the winter blues!

You get wholesome and authentic flavors of Indian dishes and the right warmth you deserve.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to find all the authentic Indian dry fruit sweets to warm your body and heart!