Spoil Your Dad with Authentic Indian sweets

This Father’s Day, Spoil Your Dad with Authentic Indian sweets

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This Father’s Day, celebrate it with joy and authentic Indian sweets from Rajbhog Foods. Imagine how happy he would be when he enjoys a variety of Indian sweets. We have everything that will remind him of his childhood times. We have some special Indian sweets freshly made in the USA with traditional recipes and of course, love. Our Indian sweets will be a great gratitude sign. This Father’s Day, allow us to be a part of your celebrations as we will ensure it is filled with delicious experiences. For more on why mithai is just right for creating those precious memories of your dad, read this blog.

The celebrations of Father’s Day need some exceptional delicacies. This year, make your father feel special by giving him authentic Indian sweets from Rajbhog Foods. Think about his smile when he gets a chance to taste some nostalgic Indian mithais. With Rajbhog Foods, we are so sure that he will be happy and proud of you.

Authentic Indian Mithai: The Best Way to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is meant for honoring fathers in a unique manner, so why not serve authentic Indian sweets? These are not like your ordinary cakes; they will melt his heart before melting in his mouth, too!

Indian mithai goes beyond mere sweet confectionery; it represents Indian culture and tradition. Let him enjoy these irresistible delicacies that shall indeed evoke nostalgia.

Rajbhog Foods: Your Go-To Destination for Authentic Indian Sweets in the USA

Rajbhog Foods has been leading the way in introducing authentic Indian sweets to Americans since our establishment.

Started in 1981, Ajit Mody and Lata Mody, our founders, found that authentic Indian sweets were not easily available in the USA. The visionary couple imagined a way to help fellow Indians, a way of enjoying these little joys of happiness! They brought this idea to life with a small sweet shop in Jackson Heights, New York. This sweet shop offered authentic handmade Indian sweets prepared with high-quality nuts, pure ghee, thick milk, mawa and khoya. Thanks to the love and support of our wonderful customers, our sweet shop has grown.

As you enjoy this year’s Father’s Day, Rajbhog Foods brings in lots of happiness and offers you pure mithai!

Delicious Indian Sweets for an Unforgettable Father's Day

This Father’s Day, Spoil Your Dad with Authentic Indian sweets

Three Color Burfi

This multicolored barfi is pleasing to the eyes and taste buds. It has three different layers, each prepared with high-quality mawa that offers a unique taste and color representing culture and innovation. The mithai will surely spoil your dad!

This Father’s Day, Spoil Your Dad with Authentic Indian sweets

Badam Burfi

Our Badam Burfi is prepared with almonds and butter; believe us, it is very indulgent. Many Indian sweets lovers prefer its soft and gentle flavor among other sweets. This burfi is sure to brighten up your Father’s Day celebration.

This Father’s Day, Spoil Your Dad with Authentic Indian sweets

Mango Kaju Katli

An excellent variation of the iconic Kaju Katli, our Mango Kaju Katli combines both worlds. It is a delicious, sweet dish that holds a fusion of mangoes and kaju katli. This mango flavored katli makes it an excellent and reenergizing mithai.

This Father’s Day, Spoil Your Dad with Authentic Indian sweets

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun…the name says it all about this popular Indian sweet dish. Who can resist those little round balls of milk solids soaked in sugar syrup? Bring some Gulab Jamun; see how happy Daddy becomes instantly.

This Father’s Day, Spoil Your Dad with Authentic Indian sweets

Kaju Pista Roll

Combining cashews and pistachios in a mithai is a great way to enjoy an extraordinary mithai. Our Kaju Pista Roll is creamy milk fudge blended with nuts for sweet perfection your Dad will enjoy.

This Father’s Day, Spoil Your Dad with Authentic Indian sweets

Kesari Peda

A saffron-infused delicacy made with khoya that no celebration should be without. Our Kesari Peda is one such evidence of the Indian mithai wealth – light but so tasty!

Add Some Rajbhog Foods Magic to Your Father's Day Party

Let Rajbhog Foods contribute to your celebration this Father’s Day by adding some sweetness! We specialize in authentic Indian sweets prepared lovingly following old recipes that take you down memory lane bite after bite.

From our milky Kesari Peda to mango Kaju Katli, every piece aims to pamper him with sweetness personified.

Ending it on a Sweet Note

Make Indian sweets and desserts from Rajbhog Foods your Dad’s special treats this Father’s Day. They serve as an ideal means of expressing your affection and gratitude.

Shop for our Indian sweets online on our website or visit the nearby Rajbhog Café or a grocery store to bring them home.

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