Why Choose Rajbhog As Your Franchise Partner?

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Owning a franchise in the USA is not less than a hassle. But we at Rajbhog Foods make it easier for new-age entrepreneurs. Read more to find out how.

Starting a cafe or a restaurant involves enormous planning and extensive management. There are still chances of hiccups while running the business on your own.

Hence people choose franchise programs as they are more reliable. However, most franchise programs come with many terms and conditions, making it difficult for entrepreneurs to run their businesses.

We, at Rajbhog Foods, come to your rescue with franchisee-centric strategies, which allow our business to grow and give you peaceful business opportunities at the same time. Below are a few reasons why Rajbhog Foods should be your first choice for a Franchise Partner.

Low Investment

We believe that franchising with a brand is never purely business. As a brand, we focus on uplifting your dreams and, in turn, grow our business. We understand your needs as a franchisee and design our programs accordingly.

Our franchise programs start at investments as low as $85,000, which makes sure that in the initial stages of your business, we do the heavy financial lifting for you.

Exotic Cuisine

Our sweets, snacks, appetizers, chaats, heat and eats are all traditional and authentic. We aim to introduce the real Indian flavors to the western world.

We stand out from the rest because of our authenticity and the exotic products we offer. As we are the number one brand for Indian food in the USA. A franchise with us offers unique cuisine, making us stand out from the rest in the market, and reduces competition.

Best Quality Products

All our products are manufactured with fresh ingredients in the USA. We follow strict guidelines for hygiene and quality.

Furthermore, the recipes used in making the traditional Indian food are followed to the with zero room for errors.

At Rajbhog Foods, quality is our utmost priority. All our products are made in the USA itself, we do not import, we manufacture every single product in our factories.

Prime Locations

Our experts do a full recce of the area before choosing a location for the next store. We have been in business for decades, and this helps us understand the consumer market better. We ensure that our cafes and stores are placed in such locations that they all always in business.

This assures our franchisee that they will have a good influx of consumers, and the company will remain steady.

Trusted Brand Name

Rajbhog Foods has been in business since 1981. It’s a name people trust for all kinds of Indian or Indo-fusion cuisine, especially Indian sweets.

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, or even state events have made the guests happy with our food and services. We are a part of every Indian celebration with our sweets, snacks, and more.

Not only Indians but also native Americans trust in the brand for all things Indian food. This makes your franchise cafes or stores the first choice for your consumers.

These are just a few of the reasons why Rajbhog Foods is the best choice for franchising. So give new wings to your entrepreneurial dreams and join the Rajbhog Foods family.

To know more about our franchise programs, get in touch with us at pankajkumar@rajbhog.com.