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Rajbhog Foods Diwali Gift Hampers – The Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones

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Are you confused about what to gift your loved ones for Diwali? We have a solution that will be loved by all!

Do you want to gift some sweets? Or do you want to gift snacks? How about a personal card with a message?

We are here for your rescue, no matter what you choose.

Diwali is the biggest Hindu festival and is celebrated across the globe with great pomp and splendor. The night sky is lit with firecrackers; the house is lit with lights, flowers, and rangoli, everyone is in vibrant ethnic clothes, and the table is set with Indian food, sweets, and gifts.

And what’s better than a Diwali gift than hampers filled with authentic Indian mithais, snacks, and more? All these products are freshly manufactured in the USA.

Read on to know all about our special Diwali hampers.

Diwali Mix (Classic)

This sweet hamper comes with a golden box (1lb) that includes a delicious assortment of Burfis, Pedas, Ladoos, and Kaju Katli. What’s more, it has a personalized greeting card! So, for all your friends and family who love Burfi, Peda, Ladoo, and Kaju Katli, this is an accurate gift for them. This sweet hamper comes for just $19.99. Buy it here.

Diwali Mix (Premium)

Add a premium touch to your Diwali celebrations with our Diwali Mix Premium box. This gift hamper has the goodness of dry fruit mithais. It includes a golden box (1lb) and has an assortment of Khajur Roll and the evergreen Kaju Katli. It has a beautiful greeting card as well. This lovely sweet hamper costs $22.99.

Classic Peda

This hamper is specially made for the ones who love Pedas. They are soft, sweet, and delightful treats that will win your heart. Give this gift hamper to your loved ones or buy it for yourself; either way, it’s a must-have! It contains Rajbhog Original Peda in a mix of white and Kesar flavors. This golden box with sweets comes for $21.78 only, and you can shop for it here. All these sweets are produced in the USA by us.

Classic Ladoo

When you’re thinking of Diwali hamper ideas, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Ladoo! Diwali celebrations are incomplete without ladoos. So, here we’ve got you the most essential Diwali gift hamper – the Classic Ladoo hamper. What are you waiting for? Get it now. You can never go wrong with this hamper that comes in a classy gold color box (1lb) and is packed with everyone’s favorite Motichoor Ladoos and Bundi Ladoos. Moreover, it’s got a Diwali greeting card that can hold your personalized message too! It’s for $19.78 only.

To take your Diwali celebrations to a notch higher, we’ve got you more premium and exclusive Diwali hampers that have additional components than sweets. Read about them now.

Celebration Hamper

We know it’s difficult to find Indian sweets and snacks in the USA, but what if we tell you we can get you all you want? That’s right! With Rajbhog sweets and snacks, you can adda unique flavor to your Diwali celebration.

Our celebration hamper comes in an elegant classic handcrafted box (1lb) and is filled with not just sweets but more! We’ve got assorted sweets which include Burfis, Pedas, Ladoos, and Kaju Katlis. We’ve also added some lip-smacking Rajbhog Mix snacks to take your taste buds on a flavorful ride. Wait, there’s more. We’ve also added some crunchy almond cookies to this hamper. Additionally, you have décor items like Diwali special diyas, color paper; there’s also a Diwali greeting card and a card that can hold your personalized message.

And this Diwali hamper will be at your doorstep for just $38.98! Go ahead, order it now!

Rajbhog Classic Hamper

This hamper gives you the best of all worlds.

It’s got Burfi, Peda, Ladoo, as well as Kaju Katli. Add to this our delicious munchies like Rajbhog Mix Snack, Corn Chevda, Bombay Mix, and some Almond cookies too! This fantastic, too-good-to-be-true hamper comes at just $37.98! It comes in a ½ lb classic handcrafted box and ½ of classic mix box.

Let’s not forget that we’ve made this perfect hamper even better with the addition of diyas, color paper, and a Diwali greeting card that will complete your celebration. Place your order now, and get all this at just $37.98.

Classic Mix Hamper

In this hamper, we have combined everything one would crave this Diwali and packed it with love. Your family and friends will absolutely love a Classic Mix Hamper. This hamper includes an assortment of Indian mithais like Burfi, Peda, Ladoo, and the crowd favorite, Kaju Katli!

And, of course, we’ve added some crunchy snacks to this hamper. You’ve got Rajbhog Mix Snack and Corn Chevda, with some delicious Almond cookies. This hamper comes in a classic handcrafted box (1lb) and a Classic Mix box (1lb). How can we forget the diyas, decorative color paper, and the Diwali greeting card in this? Get this hamper online for $42.98 only. Shop now.

Rajbhog Premium Hamper

If you want to leave no stone unturned for your Diwali gifting, this is the hamper you should get. Rajbhog Premium Hamper is a mix of sweets, snacks, cookies, and decoratives, and this is the perfect gift for a close one.

A classic handcrafted box (1lb) filled with Rajbhog premium assorted sweets like – Kaju Katli and Khajur Roll. Not only that, but it’s also got the chatpate flavors of Black Pepper Cashew, Rajbhog Corn Chevda, and Rajbhog Mix snack for the additional zing. That’s not all; this premium hamper also has Almond cookies in it.

Other than these sweets and snacks items, we have added diyas, color paper, and a Diwali greeting card to enhance your celebration. So, what are you waiting for? It is priced at $49.98. Shop for it now!

Let’s talk about the firecracker hamper, our Royal Hamper. This hamper comes in a classic handcrafted Bandhani box (2lbs), and there are variations in 1 lb and ½ lb boxes.

Royal Hamper

Give your Diwali celebrations a royal touch with this one-of-a-kind hamper. This hamper is the biggest and the most loaded one. Firstly, it comes in layers of 3 different boxes. This adds to the beauty of the hamper and makes your hamper stand out. There’s a Bandhani box and two classic boxes.

Then, we’ve added an assortment of your favorite, evergreen Indian mithais, as well as premium dry fruit mithais in this hamper. The variety we offer in this hamper makes it the perfect fir for a big family, as it’s got something for everyone.

This immense hamper is packed with Burfi, Peda, Ladoo, Kaju Katli, and Khajur Roll. Moreover, there’s a mix of multiple snack items in this hamper too. There’s Rajbhog Mix Snacks, Corn Chevda, Namakpara, with spiced nuts like Cashews with Blackpepper, and Salted Peanuts. Additionally, there are some Almond cookies for the kids too!

Gift this to your family and see them smile with joy.

Diwali is the time to pamper everyone you love with the best of things, best of gifts, and best of treats. Our hampers are your safest gift options as they are made to give you the most authentic Diwali experience. Our diyas, color papers, and greeting cards add a personalized touch to the celebration. We have curated in such a way that everyone will fall in love with them.

Our brand is known for the authenticity of our sweets, and we are the number 1 brand for authentic Indian sweets across the nation. We take pride in delivering the best Indian sweets in USA.

So, order these freshly-made hampers from our website now. Choose all you want, and gear up for a great Diwali!

We wish you and your loved ones a very Happy and Safe Diwali!