Delicious Desi Twist to your Halloween food

3 Ways to Add a Delicious Twist to Your Halloween Food!

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Halloween is almost here, and you’re certainly getting ready to look the scariest and host the best party ever. But as food is always the main attraction of this occasion, we bring you some Halloween Food ideas that come with a desi twist. Read on to learn about some of these dishes!

The occasion of Halloween is something that people wait for throughout the year. And why not? After all, it is an exciting day when we dress up in scary costumes and make spooky decorations to frighten people.

Apart from the scary decorations of Halloween, the variety of spooky food decors also catch the attention of the guests. After all, they look so horrifying. So it is more about the food presentation that makes a Halloween party even more enjoyable.

So how can we make the Halloween feast an interesting and memorable one? Indian cuisine offers a vast range of flavorful dishes and some of them are the perfect deliccies to serve a simply delicious menu filled with varieties of Halloween food.

This blog brings you tasty delights that you can serve your guests as unique Halloween food! Scroll down to read about them.


We know customizing Halloween snacks is not easy, but we’re here to help you create them with snacks from Rajbhog Foods.

Our first snack idea uses cashews creatively if you get other ingredients like dates and cocoa powder. The idea here is to make some spooky cashew crawlers. So all you need to do is grind the dates and some cashews and then shape the dough into small spider shapes. Take the remaining cashews and stuff them in as the legs by breaking them in halves. Now that looks quite creepy.

Gathiya Skeleton is another scary-looking snack that you can indeed serve your guests. Get some Garlic Gathia or Black Pepper Gathia as per your choice, and then arrange them in a way that makes them look like a human skeleton. Since Gathias are deep-fried strands, you won’t have a problem keeping their positions intact. But you must be wondering what to do about the head of the skeleton. You can use any sauce or dip of your choice and draw a skeleton head with creepy elements in it. That helps you serve both the things together and in a convincing and frightening skeleton shape


Halloween appetizers are sheer bliss to look at. You can do so much to make them look like haunting food items that will make people stare at them more than willing to grab a bite. We have some authentic Indian appetizers in ready-to-eat versions; you need to get them and add your own Halloween ideas to give you the kind of looks you want.

Ever wondered what a spooky Kachori Sandwich would look like? Sounds quite daunting, right? When it comes to Halloween food, that’s the kind of dish we want! You can choose your favorites out of Lilva Kachori or Corn Kachori from our product range. Break the kachoris in two parts and keeping some red ketchup in between, sandwich them. You have to careful while you do this as the kachoris might tend to break unevenly due to their structure. These scary looking Kachori Sandwiches will surely be a treat to the eyes and the taste buds!

Suppose you wish to choose a more straightforward appetizer décor for Halloween. In that case, you can surely get hold of a pack of our delicious Vegetable Kabab and arrange them all around the plate with the choice of tomato dip or sauce in the middle. You can also add some ketchup to show finger nails. It indeed does look like Spooky Vegetable Kabab Fingers laid all around the dish for you to think twice before picking one!


Now that we know about some delicious Halloween food in the form of snacks and appetizers, it is time to look at some options to satisfy sweet tooth cravings after a delightful meal. Rajbhog Foods is the place that brings you authentic and delicious sweet treats, and you can use these Indian sweets for Halloween.

You can think of serving sweets like Amrati and then using a bit of whipped cream and choco chips to give them the look of a one-eyed monster and serve them in a way that makes them look like they’re staring right at you.

Another fantastic idea would be to serve your guests some Khajur Rolls that boast a topping of scary teeth. Using a white chocolate sauce or whipped cream, you can draw some monstrous teeth on top.

The Halloween food ideas mentioned above are undoubtedly some of the best things you can do to add a desi twist to your Halloween party. These dishes are available in our product range, and you can get them from a nearby grocery store or Rajbhog Café. Buy these products and give them your creative touch of Halloween artistry. Your guests will surely love the feast, and it will be memorable!