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DIY dishes with Rajbhog snacks

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Indians often savor snacks just as evening tidbits. Mostly we find the authentic and famous Indian snacks are enjoyed with tea, coffee, or other beverages. But did you know that these snacks can also amp up various other dishes? Read this blog to learn more about how some famous Indian snacks can also be used to make different dishes!

Indian snacks have a special place in our hearts. Indians worldwide are connected through food, and these snacks play a significant role.

If one looks to grab some quick food, snacks are the first option that comes to mind. The vast Indian cuisine boasts a wide array of snacks that people relish with love.

Some of the famous Indian snacks are the perfect companions to different beverages. You never know how time passes once you start munching on these snacks typical in every Indian household worldwide.

But the fun fact is that these famous Indian snacks also work wonders when added to various dishes! Yes, you read that right!

So in this blog, we bring you the ideas for some dishes you can make with some all-time famous Indian snacks. Keep scrolling to know more!

DIY dishes with Rajbhog snacks

1) Sev Ki Sabzi:

A mouthwatering dish originating from Rajasthan, Sev ki Sabzi includes the all-time famous Indian snack, Sev. You can easily use Alu Bhujia or some thick Sev to make this dish. You need chopped garlic, onions, tomatoes, green chillis, and masalas. Fry all the ingredients, add some water and masalas and switch off the stove once the mixture is fried.

Now let it rest for a few minutes and then squeeze a lemon wedge in and put two cups of Regular Sev. Your Sev ki Sabzi will be ready! Also, it is one of the most favored DIY dishes made with Rajbhog Foods’ products. We have both Alu Bhujia and Sev available in our range of products.

DIY dishes with Rajbhog snacks

2) Bhel with Papdi and Gathia:

Many of our readers are fans of the very famous Indian snack, Bhel! But if you are aware of another tasty snack which is Papdi Gathia, then you should know that it can amp up the taste and flavors of your regular Bhel to a great extent.

It is tangy if you’re curious about how it tastes once you add Papdi Gathia to bhel. You will enjoy a tangy twist from the first bite once you add this tasty Indian snack to bhel! You can buy Papdi Gathia from our product range, and it is widely available!

DIY dishes with Rajbhog snacks

3) Raita with our Boondi:

Raita is a famous Indian dish, and people love to relish it as a side dish during meals. Raita is made with curd. If you also add some Boondi to it, heavenly is the only way to describe the taste.

It is fried gram flour balls for those unaware of what Boondi is. It is one of the crunchy Indian snacks that you relish. So to make Raita with Boondi, you first have to soak these tiny gram flour balls in warm water so that they get rid of the crispiness and become soft after swelling a bit in size. Once you are done making the raita, add the softened Boondi to it, and you will taste a spicy yogurt with the melt-in-mouth gram flour balls. You can also add the Boondi without softening it if you wish to keep the crunch alive!

DIY dishes with Rajbhog snacks

4) Alu Bhujia as a topping:

The Indian favorite besan snack of all time, Bhujia is not just one of the namkeen snacks you relish only with tea or coffee. It works for various dishes in a variety of ways. If you’re fond of dishes like Poha, Upma, Paneer Bhurji, chat, etc., sometimes try to put some Bhujia as a topping to the dish. Squeeze some lime juice and experience the burst of flavors of this mouthwatering delicacy.

Final thoughts

The above-mentioned recipes with snacks are just a few if you look at the vastness of available famous Indian snacks with us. But if you wish to know about some more snacks, read the blog: 7 tasty Rajbhog Foods snacks for every day of the week!

If you’re wondering where you can buy fresh Indian snacks, check out our wide range of authentic and famous Indian snacks from our range of products. You can also place your order online from our website and get your favorites delivered to your doorstep. Grab your favorite Indian snack today and go on with the DIY snacks recipes you just read about!