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5 Rajbhog Delights That Should Be On Your Holi Menu

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“5 Rajbhog Delights For Holi Menu”

Deciding the perfect menu for your Holi celebrations can be a challenging task. So here are some great recommendations that will make your life easy.

Apart from all the celebrations and merriment, every Indian festival also revolves around food. And just like each festival’s uniqueness, the food served in them is also equally intriguing and exciting. The same is the case of Holi.

Holi, a celebration of colors! A day when every street in India is painted in rainbow-esque excitement. Right at the crack of dawn, you see everyone coming out of their homes. They apply a variety of bright powered-colors to everyone in their community. They also soak themselves and each other with water to beat the heat. All this while they are intoxicated on bhang, the music, and exhaustion after dancing their hearts out all morning.

Holi is definitely one of the most exciting festivals in India. But after such a tiring day of celebration, all one would think about is food. The variety of food served during Holi is as special and exciting as the festival itself. From crispy snacks to amazing mithai to the most finger-licking meals, Holi has it all!

So let’s learn about the traditional Holi food and how you can plan for the day.

The Holi Menu


Celebrating Holi all morning is no child’s play. Even the most experienced ones resort to small breaks and snacking now and then. Hence, you should definitely plan ahead and have ample snacks on this auspicious day. There are two types of snacks you can choose from, i.e., dry snacks and hot snacks.

Dry snacks are usually less messy and a lot more convenient to have during fast-paced celebrations. Quick bites like Masala Mathi or Mathri, Namakpara, Gudpara, and Sakarpara are the best grab-and-go options. Apart from these, Alu Bhujia, Peanut Bhujia, and Chewda Mix are also great options.

Although they take you away from the fun, hot snacks served on Holi are worth the time. You can have the heavenly options of Potato and Peas Samosa, Spinach and Cheese Samosa, Dudhi Handvo, Khaman Dhokla (link to Khaman Dhokla), Pav Bhaji Dhokla, Lilva Kachori, Corn Kachori, and Moong Dal Kachori. Coconut Patice, Cashew Roll , and Vegetable Kabab are also great options.

Another snacking option that doesn’t fit in either category is Pani Puri. It’s a classic Holi snack that every desi loves!


Who doesn’t love some pure desi mithai? This is a great time of the year to have them! After the exhausting celebrations, every bite of mithai tastes even sweeter. So there is no doubt that you should have a variety of mithai options at your disposal. You can choose from Jalebi, Rasmalai, Burfi, Besan Ladoo, Kaju Katli, and Malpua.

Burfi comes in a variety of flavors like Besan Burfi, Milk Cake Burfi, Chocolate Burfi, Mango Burfi, Coconut Burfi, Badam Burfi, Pista Burfi, Pista Mava Burfi, Rajbhog Burfi,and Three Color Burfi.

You can also get a different variety of Ladoos like Motichoor Ladoo, Bundi Ladoo, and Kari Ladoo.


Half-way through the Holi celebration, you may start feeling the heat of the morning sun. That 9 AM heat can be dealt with by having some nice and chill drinks. The classic Holi drinks are obviously Bhang and Thandai. Apart from that, you can also have Lassi, Chaas, and Piyush, which is a Gujarati specialty made with yogurt and Srikhand.

You can choose to have different flavors of Lassi as per your preference. You can also choose to have different varieties of Chaas like Masala Chaas, Pudina Chaas, Jeera Chaas, and Chilli Chaas.


It’s always great to come home to a hearty meal after celebrating Holi. So we recommend you to have some delicious options set on the table. These may include dishes like Pau Bhaji, Chana Masala or Chole, Dal Makhani, Dum Aloo, Baigan Bharta, Matter Paneer, Palak Paneer, Paneer Makhani, Kadi Pakoda, Kofta Curry, and Surti Undhiyu.

You can serve these with Paratha, Masala Paratha, Tawa Roti, Gujarati Rotli, and Methi Thepla.

For rice-based dishes, you can have Steamed Rice, Jeera Rice, Rajbhog Pulav, and Vegetable Biryani.

You can serve all this with a side of Carrot Chilly Pickle or Green Chilly Pickle.

The Ideal Meal

We can’t argue why any or all of these dishes can’t be a part of your menu. But for us, the ideal five dish combination would be Mathi, one of the Kachoris, Jalebi, any flavor of Lassi, and end it all with the hearty Dal Makhani. If you don’t have the time to plan anything else, then this combination or any variant of it should make everyone happy.

Parting Thoughts

Hopefully, we’ve given you enough options to choose from. We’re confident that whatever you decide, if it includes some of these delicious dishes, will be amazing.

Are you worried about how you will prepare for all of this? You may have to miss out on celebrating Holi. Or you can simply choose to order all these delicacies from us. All our dishes are authentic in taste and are made with fresh ingredients. They are also frozen to make it easy for you to have them at your convenience.

Plan your Holi meal with Rajbhog Foods heat & eat products, and have an awesome day of celebrations! Have all the fun the festival entails while making sure no one misses out on the deliciousness as well.