Delicious Milk Pedas You Must Add to Your Celebrations

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Milk peda for the festive fervor is a perfect choice that brings cheer and more sweetness to your celebrations! Milk Peda is a popular Indian sweet delicacy made with milk solids (mawa) and naturally flavored with cardamoms and mixed nuts. This sweet dish is so delicious that it just melts in your mouth. Serve milk peda that comes in various flavors to your guests and see the happiness spread in moments.

Pedas in India are a traditional sweet delicacy popular amongst various cultures and communities. Around the world, Pedas are served for any kind of good news or on the special celebrations and festivals.

Milk peda and other varieties of pedas are a perfect choice for this festive season. Sometimes, special celebrations and festivities call for simple yet delicious sweet delicacies, and peda varieties are ideal for you. Indian peda sweet, mawa peda, Kesari peda, Mathura peda, white peda, and badam malai peda are perfect desi sweets you can offer to your loved ones this festive season. So, don’t look elsewhere and dig into this article to explore incredibly delicious, finger-licking delicious peda varieties!

What is Peda?

Before we get into different types of celebration sweets, let’s understand what Peda is and how it is one of the favorites. Peda has its roots in Mathura of Uttar Pradesh in India; it then traveled to Dharwad back in the 1850s, now known as Karnataka. The origin of Peda comes from a word that means ‘sphere.’ The spherical dough-like fudge sweet is made with milk solids and served fresh or can be stored for 7 to 8 days in the refrigerator. Indians serve Pedas to close ones as a token of happiness on the arrival of any good news.

The most common type of peda is milk peda which can be easily made, served, and enjoyed by the most! Let’s look at some of the other varieties of pedas offered to guests, friends, and families during the festive season.

Delicious Milk Pedas You Must Add to Your Celebrations

Badam Malai Peda

Badam malai peda is filled with the goodness of almond and milk solids. It is a famous Indian ‘mithai sweet.’ Badam malai peda is a sweet delicacy with a beautiful, smooth texture. The milk solids in peda are usually known as khoya; thus, wide peda varieties are called khoya peda in many regions.

Delicious Milk Pedas You Must Add to Your Celebrations

Kesari Peda

Soft and creamy Kesari Peda is a sweet dish of golden yellow color and is made with milk, sugar, and the goodness of saffron. Every bite of this peda will melt in your mouth! Kesari peda is a perfect khoya sweet for special occasions and gifting.

Delicious Milk Pedas You Must Add to Your Celebrations

Mathura Peda

Offering Mathura peda to your guests this festive season is nothing less than a visit to Mathura, the birthplace of ‘Peda.’ You can consider Mathura peda as the original variety of peda as it is an intrinsic part of the ancient Indian city’s cultural identity. What sets Mathura peda different is its unique golden brown caramelized color after a few hours of cooking whole milk over a fire. Mathura peda is a genuinely magnificent variety of peda as this process is tedious and requires patience.

Delicious Milk Pedas You Must Add to Your Celebrations

White Peda

Creamy and rich white peda is a delightful peda sweet traditionally made with khoya, sugar, nuts, and aromatic spices. This popular delicacy is a surprisingly simple yet tasty peda variety. White peda from Rajbhog Foods is made of all goodness! With every bite, you will get a rich, creamy milky flavor.

Pedas are delicious and easy to enjoy. Rajbhog Foods gets you these tasty and delightful melt-in-your-mouth treats. If you haven’t tried them, now’s the time to get an authentic Indian peda experience with us. You can enjoy these treats at home to celebrate unique festivals and religious gatherings. You can also combine them all in a sweets hamper and gift for the festive season.

Like many festivals in India that need special sweets and treats, these peda varieties are perfect celebration sweets you can get for your family, friends, guests, and loved ones. So, without further ado, visit and explore our delicious treats for this festive season and make sure you order them in advance to celebrate different festivals at home.