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Everything you need to know about Dal Moth

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Dal Moth is a traditional Indian savory snack that tastes delicious. This crunchy snack comprises a variety of ingredients that make its taste so appealing. You must also be a fan of this Indian snack mix, but do you know some facts and details about the snack? Read this blog to learn about the origin of this delicacy, the ingredients that make up the perfect Dal Moth mixture, and several other facts!

Snacks are very close to the hearts of Indians worldwide and hold an integral part in every other event or celebration. People mostly prefer to savor Indian snacks because of their crunchy nature and the flavorful taste. But the very delicious Dal Moth is one of the most popular and tasty Indian snacks out of these.

Imagine a rainy evening while you sit out on the balcony with your friends and sip on hot cups of masala chai! What do you think will make this experience more complete? Yes, you guessed it right! A bowl of authentic Indian snacks will do the job just right for you, and undoubtedly Dal Moth is one of the best evening tea-time Indian snacks you can choose.

Dal Moth is a crunchy and spicy delicacy that wins the hearts of those who try it out. It is one of the most traditional and widely loved Indian namkeens or savory dry snacks. Anyone will fall in love with the lip-smacking taste right from the first bite!

This blog brings you some interesting facts about the lip-smacking snack and the ingredients of the Dal Moth mixture.

What is the Dal Moth mixture made of?

The delicious Dal Moth mixture is made by mixing several ingredients such as fried lentils, spices like red chilli powder, cumin powder, jeera powder black pepper powder, chaat masala, etc., nuts, and oil. Together, these make the utterly delicious and one of the top Indian snacks, Dal Moth!

Which Dal is used for Dal Moth?

Moong Dal is the most preferred form of Dal used to make Dal Moth. The benefits of eating Moong Dal are unparalleled, and it is the one of the ingredients of the Dal Moth mixture.

Origin of Dal Moth

Dal Moth is believed to originate from the western parts of Uttar Pradesh, India. The cities Agra, Farrukhabad, and Bareilly usually bag the credits for the invention of this lip-smacking snack. The chronology goes in a way that Dal Moth was first introduced in Farrukhabad and then taken to different parts of the state where the snack was tweaked as per the traditional cuisine.

It is somewhat like, Agra added pepper to the snack instead of red chili, and Bareilly added the goodness of cashew nuts, spices, and various aromatics and fried it in ghee to make the most exclusive Dal Moth. Traditionally, all the Dal Moth mixture ingredients were made by hand and then fried in ghee.

Over the last couple of decades, this snack has retained its main elements, but other additions have been made from place to place. As a result, today, various forms of Dal Moth are available. But the taste and experience of Dal Moth unarguably make it one of the best nut and lentil snacks to serve to your guests at a party or to even savor all by yourself.

Rajbhog Dal Moth

At Rajbhog Foods, we serve you a version of Dal Moth that bears the goodness of cashews and spices and is made from moong beans and chickpea flour. If you’re a fan of this fantastic Indian snack, you should try this from our product range.

The above-mentioned facts about Dal Moth will surely excite you and make you want to have some. So if you wish to experience the flavors and taste of the delicious Dal Moth mixture, then don’t wait anymore! Rush to a nearby grocery store, convenience store, or a Rajbhog Café and grab the mouthwatering Dal Moth today!