5 Benefits Of Eating Moong Dal

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Moong dal is made from Moong, a staple legume in Indian cuisine. The Moong bean originally belongs to Southeast Asia and is cultivated in India and other Southeast and East Asian countries.

The Moong bean itself is highly nutritious with a good amount of carbohydrates, protein with zero percent cholesterol. These energy-packed legumes are used in several Indian and South Asian dishes because of their nutritional value.

Moong dal is a super versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of savory and sweet dishes from Moong Dal Kachori to Moong Dal Sira, and Dal Moth

Apart from being really delicious, Moong dal has several health benefits:

Moong Dal Is Good For The Heart

Moong dal is very rich in iron and potassium which helps in maintaining good heart health. It also contains a good amount of magnesium and Vitamin B which regulates heart rate and helps in preventing major cardiovascular diseases.

It also improves blood circulation throughout the body and regulates blood glucose. A serving of Moong dal daily helps in keeping diabetes at bay.

Moong Dal Enables Better Digestion

Moong dal has an abundance of fibre, including the soluble fibre pectin. This fibre helps to regulate bowel movements which helps in improving overall digestion. It is easier to digest compared to other lentils and doesn’t cause bloating.

Moong dal helps improve your gut’s immune system and keeps it clean. Including Moong dal in your daily diet lowers the risk of intestinal diseases such as colon cancer.

Eating Moong Dal Promotes Weight Loss

Moong dal has a high content of fibre and protein which helps keep you full for a long time. It is said that foods with high fiber and protein content suppress hunger and help in releasing the fullness hormone. This helps reduce your calorie intake throughout the day without leaving you hungry.

Moong dal is also said to boost metabolism which is an important factor to consider while losing weight. For all these reasons, Moong dal is a healthy food to promote weight loss.

Good For Pregnant Women

The folate present in Moong dal promotes a healthy pregnancy. Folate is crucial to the growth and development of a baby inside the womb. Pregnant women are advised to include some form of Moong dal in their diet on a regular basis to ensure that they get the required amount of folate during their pregnancy.

Moong dal is also rich in iron and fibre and a good source of protein, all of which are important for a smooth and healthy pregnancy.

Provides Great Anti-oxidants

Moong dal has an abundance of a number of important anti-oxidants such as phenolic acid, caffeic acid, cinnamic acid and flavonoids. It has the capacity to avert free radicals from interacting with the cells and also combats oxidative damage to the cells. This prevents a number of heart diseases and cancers. Including at least a cup of Moong dal in your diet everyday can curb the risk of multiple diseases and keep you healthy.

This very simple legume has numerous health benefits in the long run. You can have just a bowl full of sprouted Moong or try to include it in delicious dishes.

To include Moong dal in your diet in a delicious way, you can try out some dishes from Rajbhog Foods such as:

Dal Moth

Fried indian snacks made from moong beans &...

Moong Dal Kachori

Crispy appetizer filled with sauteed lentils in spices

Moong Dal Sira

Rich lentil based dessert

Moong Dal Kachori

A crispy ball-shaped fried snack made from Moong dal to give you the perfect balance of health and taste.

Moong Dal Sira

Made from Moong dal and prepared in authentic desi ghee, it’s a healthy dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Dal Moth

Something to munch on while working, studying or watching a movie, Dal Moth is a healthy flavored snack that you just can’t get enough of.