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What Makes Rajbhog Foods A Preferred Indian Food Brand In The USA?

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Finding authentic Indian food even when you are away from home is a real blessing.

Rajbhog Foods is the most-trusted brand for Indian mithai and food in the USA. Below are the reasons why!

It is obvious that when you are away from home, food is that one thing that keeps you connected with your roots. Rajbhog Foods came into effect with the primary thought of bringing authentic Indian flavors to the USA’s residents.

Our founders, Ajit Mody and Lata Mody, realized this back in 1981. Since then, the Mody family has actively created and distributed homemade Indian meals in the USA. News about their heartwarming gesture was featured by News India :Jersey-based Indian manufacturer Rajbhog donates 14 tons of food amid COVID pandemic.

In this blog, you will learn about our history, the conception of Rajbhog Foods, and more. Read About Us.

How did Rajbhog Foods come into existence?

In 1981, our founders, Ajit Mody & Lata Mody, a visionary Indian couple, noticed the lack of authentic Indian sweets during festive times in the USA. Food & Drink Magazine features the story of How Rajbhog Foods came into existence and delivers authentic Indian Food.

They aimed to help the fellow Indians who missed authentic Indian sweets. With this aim, they started with a small sweet shop in Jackson Heights, New York. Ellen Joanes, an ardent admirer and regular at Rajbhog Foods, wrote a blog on The Rise of Rajbhog: A Culinary Immigrant Empire Built On Hard Work and Gulab Jamun.

This sweet shop served authentic handmade Indian sweets. Our founder, Lata Mody, made these sweets by herself as she wanted to keep the traditional flavors alive. This shop grew leaps and bounds and picked up.

That is how Rajbhog came into existence. And we are proud to say that today we have Rajbhog Cafes and Rajbhog Foods outlets across the country.

Additionally, our food is supplied to airlines. We cater to corporate and substantial political events. Last but not least, we have many other sub-brands associated with us.

What makes our food special and trustworthy?

We, at Rajbhog Foods, give utmost priority to quality. We use authentic Indian ingredients. Our products are freshly manufactured in the USA at our manufacturing units in New York and New Jersey under strict cleanliness guidelines.

This ensures you get fresh food and authentic flavors. As for our sweets, we use pure ghee and unadulterated khoya. Our sweets are authentic and rich.

Furthermore, all of our products are packed well such that the flavors aren’t lost in the transit. We strictly follow the traditional recipes for all our dishes so that there’s no compromise in taste or flavor. All in all, your experience matters the most to us. This is why we leave no stone unturned to give you only the best.

What is our mission?

India, as a country, is quite colorful. This extensively-spread country has innumerable flavors locked in the household kitchens.

Our mission is to unlock these flavors to the globe. We aim at bringing Indian cuisine to the global list of must-try cuisines.

With our range of Mithai, Heat and Eats, Snacks, Baked Foods, and Catering Services, we are taking one step towards achieving this mission.

Moreover, we believe, when two cultures combine, the result is outstanding. This is why we are planning to introduce Fusion Cuisine under our menu as well.

Our Promise To You

With your constant love, support, and trust in our brand, we look forward to taking Indian cuisine places. Beyond all this, we also promise to keep the authenticity alive in each and every product and service we provide.

At Rajbhog Foods, your satisfaction is our first and foremost priority. We would like you to try our products and experience India on a platter: