Independence Day Of India

This Independence Day, try these 5 traditional foods

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On the Independence Day of India, let us celebrate with some traditional Indian food! Read this blog to learn about some of the tasty treats Rajbhog Foods brings to you!

Independence Day of India holds a special place in our hearts, and celebrating independence is something that everyone loves. This year, the 15th of August marks the 75th Independence Day of India, and it should be celebrated with utmost happiness and pride.

But what do you think forms the crux of India’s very diverse cultural heritage? Any guesses? Well, it is none other than the delicious Indian flavors we savor daily! The vast expanse of Indian cuisine never fails to impress us, and we simply cannot resist these delicacies.

So how about celebrating Independence Day of India with some authentic Indian special food? If you’re willing to celebrate this day with these delights, you are in the right place.

This blog brings you the five traditional tasty Indian delicacies you would love to try on Indian Independence Day 2022. Scroll down to read about these delicacies!

This Independence Day, try these 5 traditional foods

1) Moong Dal Kachori

To start a heartwarming and traditional Indian Independence Day meal, you must have a delicious appetizer. Moong Dal Kachori is one such delicacy that is fulfilling yet mouthwatering. Take one bite of this tasty and crunchy delight and lose yourself in the flavorful fillings of spiced lentils. You will fall in love with the dish in minutes.

This Independence Day, try these 5 traditional foods

2) Potato and Peas Samosa

Another appetizer that’s sure to blow your mind is none other than the delicious Potato and Peas Samosa. As we all agree, samosas are the most famous Indian street food, and when it comes to variety, everybody loves to try out a different kind of samosa.

So Rajbhog Foods brings you the very delicious Potato and Peas Samosa, and as the name suggests, you experience the crunch and the goodness of peas and potatoes with every bite. So try this appetizer out while you celebrate the Independence Day of India.

This Independence Day, try these 5 traditional foods

3) Coconut Patice

Coconut Patice is also a crunchy delight, but it comes with the fillings of dry fruits and coconuts inside a potato shell that makes it look and taste like patice. It is one of the finest dishes you can try while celebrating Independence Day; moreover, it comes as a frozen food product. So you know that means you just need to buy and heat it.

This Independence Day, try these 5 traditional foods

4) Vegetable Biryani

When it comes to the main course, Biryani is that dish which everybody is going to say a yes to. So we bring you the absolutely authentic Vegetable Biryani and the heavenly and authentic Indian flavors of the dish will leave you craving for more.

Additionally, you don’t even have to cook this dish because we bring it to you in a ready-to-eat version. So all you have to do is just buy it, heat it and enjoy the wholesome dish. Serve it with some papads, raita and salad.

This Independence Day, try these 5 traditional foods

5) Jalebi

Being an Indian, can you imagine a meal without Jalebis as dessert? No, right? Rajbhog Foods is here with the lip-smacking Jalebi for you to enjoy as a dessert after a wonderful Independence Day meal. Enjoy the spiral-shaped sweet treat and have a great time.

This Independence Day, try these 5 traditional foods

6) Motichoor Ladoo

Ladoo is another sweet that is enjoyed by Indians worldwide throughout the year. People love to relish this delicious sweet and one is never enough even if you try hard. So get it from our product range, enjoy this mouthwatering sweet to your heart’s content, and celebrate the Independence Day of India.

If authentic Indian food is what you’re looking for in the USA, you should undoubtedly choose Rajbhog Foods as it is the most preferred Indian food brand in the USA. The delicacies mentioned above are just a few notable options from the wide range of varied products available to us. So if you wish to celebrate the Independence Day of India with authentic desi delights, head out to a nearby grocery store or Rajbhog Café and buy your favorites. You can also order online from us!