Indian Sweets for Halloween 2021

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Halloween is one of the most loved festivals because of the fun and joy it brings. The dressing, the decoration, and the food! We’re here to bring you some unique Halloween dessert ideas with our Indian sweets.

Halloween, a unique festival celebrated across the globe, is dedicated to the observation of the martyr, departed, saints, and the dead. In today’s time, the Halloween celebration has adapted trick-or-treating and disguising.

People decorate their homes and yards with creepy and scary décor to scare their guests when their enter for trick-or-treating. Did you know there are blocks that arrange decoration competitions as well? Yes, they do!

There are people in different costumes that night, some dressed as scary beings, some as celebrities and personalities, and some are objects. There are competitions for the most innovative costumes as well.

Well, now that we’ve covered all the other aspects of Halloween celebration, let’s talk about the most important one: FOOD!

Food is an essential part of every celebration, but Halloween food is a little special. Actually, a lot special! It is so because food items during Halloween are decorated in various unique and spooky shapes, like: mummies, spiders, monsters, skeletons, and more.

But, we’re here to bring a desi twist to your Halloween party food. We’re going to make your Halloween scary, spooky, and SWEET!

Yes, we bring you Halloween food decoration ideas with Rajbhog sweets. Are you excited to know them? Scroll now!

Anjir Roll as Mummy:

Well, this light brown, nut mithai is a great fit to become a scary mummy. Rip some of its upper layer to expose the dark brown layer inside and add some googly eyes to it for the special effect! Not just children, but everyone will love this treat.

Pink Chandrakala as Monster Mouths:

Our Pink Chandrakala is the perfect fit for Monster Mouth with teeth decoration. Whip some cream with dark food color, pipe it, and make teeth it with on Pink Chandrakala. And you’re ready to serve some sweet and juicy Monster Mouths.

Balushai as Monster:

For this Halloween food, all you need is our delightful Balushai and a googly eye. If you don’t have a googly eye, we’re sure choco chips can do the same trick. Just poke them in the Balushai to fix it above its hole so that it looks like a one-eyed donut monster, and enjoy this desi delight!

Besan Ladoos as Ladoo Pops:

Take some Rajbhog Besan Ladoos, and some long toothpicks. Poke these toothpicks on the top of the ladoos to turn them into pops. Pipe some chocolate sauce or whipped cream as per your choice, and decorate the ladoos to look like monsters with eyes, or pumpkin with scary faces, etc. Your guests will love these desi pops for sure.

DIY Cookie Decoration Counter:

Surprise your guests with a cookie counter where they can make customizable Halloween cookies. Choose from our range of flavorful cookies like Butter Cookies, Kaju Pista Cookies, Rajbhog Almond Cookies, and more. Keep some sprinkles, chocolate sauce, googly eyes, whipped cream in various colors, M&Ms, nuts, and more as per your choice, and let the kids and adults get creative. You can host a competition also with this DIY Cookie Decoration Counter.

We hope you like these Halloween decoration ideas with Indian sweets. This desi twist will add a spooky charm to your Halloween party food. Here’s hoping Halloween 2021 brings you unlimited fun and joy! And for the Indian sweets, we’re here! Get all the mithais mentioned above at your nearest Rajbhog Café, grocery store, or on our website.