5 desserts made with milk

Indian desserts and sweets made with milk

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Indian desserts include various ingredients that range from fruits, vegetables, and whatnot! But the most-loved ingredient for Indian desserts is milk. Read this blog to learn about some sweets and desserts made with milk!

The wide variety of Indian sweets and desserts is too hard to resist for Indians worldwide who have a sweet-tooth craving. The different types of Indian desserts and sweet treats indeed spoil you for choice, but the ones made with milk are predominantly close to our hearts.

Apart from the heavenly taste and delicious flavors, each sweet and dessert made with milk helps your body with one or more benefits of adding dairy products to your diet.

This blog brings you some sweets and desserts made with milk in Rajbhog Foods’ wide range of authentic Indian sweets and desserts!

Indian desserts and sweets made with milk

1) Angur Basundi:

One of the most delicious creamy desserts made with milk, Angur Basundi is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that will make you instantly happy. This delightful Indian dessert comprises cheese dumplings in rich, creamy milk and tastes incredible when served chilled.

Indian desserts and sweets made with milk

2) Kheer:

Kheer is one of the most popular milk desserts and is another name for rice pudding. This creamy Indian dessert made with milk also comprises the flavors of cardamom and assorted dry fruits. It is one of the best Indian desserts because you can relish it any time of the year. It is predominantly famous in the northern, southern, and eastern parts of India, where it is prepared or served during festivals in both parts of the county. On the south side, Kheer is more popularly known as Payasam and Payesh in the east!

Indian desserts and sweets made with milk

3) Signature Rasmalai:

Rasmalai is one of the most sought-after Indian desserts made with milk. The most mouthwatering dessert and the favorite of Indians worldwide, Rasmalai boasts the goodness of milk dessert with its ingredients.

When cottage cheese dumplings are wholeheartedly dipped in thickened milk and topped with the irresistible flavors of Kesar, we get this delightful sweet treat, Rasmalai! We serve it chilled with an addition of dry fruits at the end gives it an intense flavor.

Indian desserts and sweets made with milk

4) Fernee:

What is it that usually most people crave after a hearty meal of Biryani? Can you guess it? It is none other than the utterly delicious Indian dessert, Fernee. The rich flavors and aroma of saffron-based milk mixed with boiled rice give us this mouthwatering dessert.

Even though Kheer is also made of rice but there is a slight point of difference between Kheer and Fernee. The difference is that Kheer is made of whole rice while we use ground rice to make Fernee and can also add some nuts for the flavor. Fernee tastes the best when it is served chilled. It is one of the most common and favorite Indian desserts made with milk for people worldwide.

Now that we have looked into some tasty Indian desserts made with milk, let us focus on some sweets that boast the goodness of milk in their ingredients.

Indian desserts and sweets made with milk

5) Indian Milk Sweets:

As mentioned above, the vastness of Indian cuisine does not limit only to delicious food. The center of attraction of the whole cuisine is the variety of sweets it boasts. Indian mithai melts everyone’s hearts, and the huge number of choices outnumbers all other sweets of different cuisines.

Rajbhog Foods brings you exactly that same array of delicious Indian mithai that will spoil you for choice due to the number of options we offer you. Some of the many authentic Indian sweets available with us deserve special mention, such as Milk Cake Burfi, Kesari Peda, Mathura Peda, White Sandwich, Dudhi Halwa, White Sandesh, Rasgula, and many more. So you should try these out and check out some more sweets from our product range by reading the blog mouthwatering desi sweets you must try!

The above-mentioned Indian sweets and desserts made with milk are delicious and mouthwatering. These products are available with us, so you get them whenever you wish to. Our sweets are made of 100% pure milk and mawa. The authenticity of our mithai, makes us the number 1 Indian sweet brand in the USA!

You can undoubtedly buy these from a nearby grocery store or Rajbhog Café as we are the most renowned and the best Indian sweet shop in the USA. Our reputation is based on the superb quality, freshness, and authenticity of flavors! So hurry up and head to a nearby Rajbhog café or grocery store and buy all these sweets and desserts made with milk!