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Father’s Day dinner ideas with ready-to-eat dishes from Rajbhog Foods!

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This Father’s Day, surprise your dad with a heartwarming meal full of delicacies from Indian cuisine. Read this blog to know about some of the ready-to-eat dishes Rajbhog Foods offers, and plan out the best Father’s Day menu to celebrate the beautiful occasion!

From the time when we are born, we look up to our fathers as our idols and heroes because they provide us with the most amount of love, affection, and care. Our fathers are the ones who make us feel protected to the core with their presence, and we can never thank our dads enough for everything else that they do for us always.

So, during such beautiful occasions like Father’s Day, bringing a smile to the face of Daddy dearest is a must, and this day is supposed to be celebrated in the best possible way to make your father feel special. Also, considering that various things can make our dads happy, let us all admit that food is the most common thing. You cannot help but make people happier by serving them food they love. Therefore, the best way to make your dad happy on this beautiful day is to treat him to the special delicacies he misses the most, and this is perhaps the perfect Father’s Day gift you will present him.

In this blog, we bring some easy dinner ideas from our range of ready-to-eat dishes to plan a soul-satisfying Father’s Day special menu. Scroll down to know about these delicacies.

Father’s Day dinner ideas with ready-to-eat dishes from Rajbhog Foods!

Spinach and Cheese Samosa

The lip-smacking desi appetizer Spinach and Cheese Samosa can be best described as crunchy on the outside with delectable fillings inside. Besides its enjoyable crunchy exterior, the inside filling of this samosa comprises delicious paneer sauteed with aromatic and flavorful spices and cheese. It is no wonder a heavenly delight that upholds the heritage of Indian cooking and its unique variety of tasty dishes. You can serve it to your dad with a hot cup of Masala Chai and enjoy a chat together over tea and this delicious samosa.

Father’s Day dinner ideas with ready-to-eat dishes from Rajbhog Foods!

Vegetable Kabab

When it comes to appetizers, we can never let go of the thought of mouthwatering Kababs, and the very idea makes anyone drool. We at Rajbhog Foods bring you the extremely delicious Vegetable Kabab that brings out the tandoor lover in you. So, if you serve it to your dad on this beautiful occasion, it will indeed be a happy Father’s Day for him. The delightful blend of veggies, potatoes, and traditional Indian spices, make this Vegetable Kabab so special.

Father’s Day dinner ideas with ready-to-eat dishes from Rajbhog Foods!

Vegetable Biryani

Biryani! The dish whose name is enough to make anyone start craving it instantly, and when it is served, there is nothing that one can concentrate on anymore. The flavorful aroma of the traditional spices you get from the steam from the piping hot dish is unparalleled, to say the least. So if you are planning a meal that fulfills your father’s food cravings, Vegetable Biryani is a must, and you should definitely include it in the menu.

Father’s Day dinner ideas with ready-to-eat dishes from Rajbhog Foods!

Paneer Makhani

Paneer rules the vegetarian section of Indian cuisine for the variety of dishes one can prepare with this ingredient. You can enjoy several delicacies, which are made of paneer, but one such dish that stands out is the delicious and flavorful Paneer Makhani. This delicacy is prepared with paneer cubes and simmered in a rich and creamy sauce. You can serve it with rice, parathas, naans, or chapatis as per preference. The first spoonful of this delight will make one feel completely lost in a world of flavors. So get it today from our range of ready-to-eat dishes.

Now that we have read about a couple of appetizers and entrees let us know about some desserts that Rajbhog Foods offers.

Father’s Day dinner ideas with ready-to-eat dishes from Rajbhog Foods!

Angur Basundi

Angur Basundi is basically delectable cheese dumplings that we serve in rich, creamy milk. A chilled bowl of this mouthwatering dessert is perhaps the perfect dish to end a heartwarming meal. Every spoonful will make you feel fresh and happy. It is one of those sweet treats that you enjoy with utmost happiness. Treat your dad to this wonderful dessert and watch as he relishes it to his heart’s content.

Father’s Day dinner ideas with ready-to-eat dishes from Rajbhog Foods!

Fruit Shrikhand

If your father is someone who prefers to relish fruity desserts, then we have just the right thing! Fruit Shrikhand, from our range of mesmerizing desi desserts, is a delightful yogurt pudding prepared with fruity surprises. The goodness of fruits in every spoonful makes this sweet treat an enthralling dessert that makes you fall in love with it right from the start. Serve it chilled, and let your dad enjoy its flavorful surprises with utmost joy and happiness.

The above-mentioned delicacies Rajbhog Foods offers are all ready-to-eat dishes that work as quick meals to save time you spend in the kitchen otherwise. Also, we offer all our desserts absolutely fresh, so you get to enjoy them to the fullest. We assure you that you will experience the most authentic flavors of Indian cuisine from our products. Visit a nearby grocery store or Rajbhog Café and grab your favorites today, or you can also place your orders online. Get your desired dishes and treat your dad to the best and the happiest Father’s Day meal ever.