Diwali 2021

Celebrate Diwali 2021 With Rajbhog Foods

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The night is lit with star-like lanterns and diyas, happiness is in the air, there’s a desi feast on the table, and the festive enthusiasm overcomes every other emotion, and we’re all ready for Diwali! The most important Hindu festival is almost here, and it brings unmatched joy, celebrations, and delicious desi food.

Significance of Diwali

Diwali marks the day when Lord Ram returned from exile with his brother Lord Laxman and wife Sita after defeating the demon Ravan. In honor of their return, Ayodhya was decorated with diyas and lanterns, which illuminated the way for them. This is why Diwali is called the ‘Festival of lights.

When is Diwali 2021?

Diwali 2021 will be celebrated on November 4, 2021, and if you are not yet ready with the preparations, we’re here to guide you and ensure that you have a hassle-free celebration. At Rajbhog Foods, we have everything from ready-to-eat breakfasts, meals, snacks and most importantly, Indian sweets.

Let’s start with Bengali Sweets.

What would you like to start with? Do you want to offer your guests some Kalakand? Or would you like to offer Gulab Jamuns as prasad for the Diwali pooja? Whatever you pick, you will get it at Rajbhog Sweets. We have an array of Bengali Sweets that will sweeten your Diwali celebrations right from Cham Cham, Rasgula, Kala Jamun, Khir Mohan, White Sandwich, Chenna Murgi, and more.

Let’s move on to the most important Diwali Sweets – Dry Fruit Sweets.

Dry Fruit Sweets will woo your taste buds. They are usually served during the Diwali celebration. And Dry Fruit Sweets include the most-loved Indian mithai – Kaju Katli. It’s a world-famous mithai made of cashews, milk solids, and sugar. You can gift it to your friends and family or serve it during your Diwali get-together.

You can also choose from Katlis, Dilbahar, Dry Fruit Halwa, Pista Ghari, and various flavors of Nut Rolls like Kaju Pista Roll, Anjir Roll, Swiss Roll, and more.

How can we leave out Ladoos and Jalebis?

A delicious Diwali treat is complete only when it’s graced with Ladoos and Jalebis. These traditional sweets are a crowd favorites and will be loved by your family. You can pick from the classic Motichoor Ladoo, or the delightful Bundi Ladoo, or the ladoo with big bundis called Kari Ladoo. You can also opt for Besan Ladoo or Punjabi Pinni.

Everyone loves Jalebi! We’re sure you will agree. Jalebis are the heart of every celebration. And why should Diwali be void of it? Give your Diwali celebration a sweet twist with our orange and yellow Jalebis by adding them to your Diwali hamper.

Now, let’s add some snacks to the list.

Serve it, gift it, or devour it yourself; the flavors of our Diwali snacks are unmatched! Choose from Flavored Nuts, Mixes, Gathias, Sev, Bhujias, and more. Add it to your gift hamper or serve during chai time; either way, don’t miss them, Indian snacks are a must-have!

Last but not least, heat and eat Indian dishes.

Diwali is a lot about sweets but also quite a lot about feasts. Making an Indian feast from scratch gets taxing, especially during the festivities, and we understand this. This is why our heat and eat delicacies from Indian cuisine will be perfect for you and your family. Just get them from a grocery store, heat them and serve them to your guests.

We have everything you need right from breakfast to dinner, including appetizers, main course, and Indian breads.

Bonus point

Diwali is a time when you will be busy celebrating and making memories with your loved ones. And we understand that you don’t want to take the hassle of even heating, serving, and managing your Diwali get-together while also attending to your guests. We have yet another solution for you!

At Rajbhog Foods, we offer catering services for big and small events of any type. Our menu is customizable to your choice. All you have to do is fix the menu and leave the rest on us. You can email us at catering@rajbhog.com for further queries.

Diwali is not just the festival of lights, but also the festival of flavors where one gets together with their family and friends and makes memories with them while indulging in incredible Indian food.

You can buy all the food dishes mentioned above dishes from your nearest grocery store, a Rajbhog outlet, or a Rajbhog Café near you. You can also shop on our website.

All of us at Rajbhog wish you and your family a delightful Diwali!