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5 Delicious Indian Vegetable Dishes You Should Try

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Are you a vegetarian foodie who is looking for mouth-watering curries to savor? Then let us tell you about 5 amazing Indian vegetable dishes that should be on the top fo your list. Read this blog to find out about them!

If there is any country in the world that has mastered the art of vegetarian cuisine, it’s probably India. The diverse range of Indian vegetable dishes that you can indulge in is astonishing. And each of them has a unique flavor that is just as delicious as the other. But there are some Indian popular dishes that everyone loves. And those are the dishes we’re here to talk about.

So sit back and put your reading glasses on because we’re going to talk about five amazing Indian vegetable dishes that you should definitely try.

5 Delicious Indian Vegetable Dishes You Should Try

1) Rajma

Rajma is a desi version of kidney beans that is a crowd favorite and the star of North Indian cuisine. The creamy goodness of the beans sauteed in a flavor-packed gravy makes it the perfect dish. Kidney beans are also packed with protein and fiber that are great for your diet. Often enjoyed with paratha or rice, this mouth-watering curry is so good that you will lick your spoon clean after every bite! It’s definitely one of the best Indian dishes to have for any meal and a must-have for every special occasion.

5 Delicious Indian Vegetable Dishes You Should Try

2) Aloo Baigan

Another North Indian delicacy, this tangy and spicy Indian curry is loaded with unbelievably intense flavors. It’s made with the bitter-sweet aubergine and the all-time reliable Indian veggie, potato. Aubergines are fiber-rich and low in calories, which makes them a great ingredient to have in your meal. It’s best paired with paratha, roti, phulka, or rice with some yogurt on the side. It’s not always listed amongst the best dishes but it’s still one of the most loved and famous Indian dishes that you can have at any occasion. You should definitely give it a try!

5 Delicious Indian Vegetable Dishes You Should Try

3) Palak Paneer

If Popeye was Indian, Palak Paneer would probably be his favorite dish. This spinach-based dish is made with many flavorful spices and cubes of the heavenly Indian cheese, paneer. Not to forget the nutritional value it has as it is made of spinach, an ingredient that’s a rich source of magnesium and potassium. It will always taste amazing whether you have it with paratha, roti, naan, rice, or any other kind of accompaniment. That’s one of the many reasons it’s one of the best Indian vegetarian dishes to have.

5 Delicious Indian Vegetable Dishes You Should Try

4) Surti Undhiyu

It’s impossible to find a dish that is as intensely flavorful as Surti Undhiyu. The bitter-sweet flavor of muthiyas, the starchy goodness of yams, the freshness of coconut and lime, the nutty goodness of peanuts, the earthy flavor of the spices, and numerous other flavors come together to make this heavenly dish. The number of green vegetables used in Surti Undhiyu adds much-needed minerals, vitamins, and fiber to your diet. The best way to have it is with some thick bhakris, but it also tastes amazingly good with parathas, naans, gujarati rotlis or rice. It’s definitely one of the most exotic Indian dishes you can ever have!

5 Delicious Indian Vegetable Dishes You Should Try

5) Kofta Curry

This is a creamy and nutty dish that will satisfy all your cravings for a great Indian meal. Made with mixed vegetable balls that are fried and then sauteed in cashew paste, vegetables, spices, and cream, this heavenly Indian vegetable dish is perfect for any mood. The variety of vegetables used to make the mixed vegetables balls are a great source of nutrients. You can have it with paratha, roti, naan or rice and we assure you that you will absolutely love it. It’s perfect for any special occasion like get-togethers, birthdays, and anniversaries. This is the reason we consider it one of the best Indian vegetable dishes.

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