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Traditional Indian Style Catering for Thanksgiving 2022

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Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get your family and friends together to enjoy delicious food! Yes, food is essential to Thanksgiving celebrations. How about an all-Indian menu for this year’s party? Rajbhog Foods is your trusted Thanksgiving catering service provider. Read how our catered thanksgiving dinner can help you throw the most unique Thanksgiving party.

Thanksgiving is here with warm vibes in the chilled weather and gratitude for all the good things to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving 2022 brings us a chance to celebrate quality time with family members, friends, and many other guests. You can mark this harvest festival this year by relying on us for the best Thanksgiving catering services.

How about starting a new tradition of having Indian food for Thanksgiving parties?

Give this Thanksgiving an Indian twist with a glorious Indian feast, fragrant with authentic spices and flavors.

Indian cuisine is flavorful, tasty, and super delicious!

But do you want to spend the whole day cooking an Indian feast from scratch?

Why don’t you hire a catering service?

Why do you need a Thanksgiving catering service provider?

Thanksgiving party is meant to be enjoyed together and not spending time in the kitchen while your guests wait for you.

Attend your guests with joy and stop worrying about food for your celebrations. When you think of food for Thanksgiving, think of Rajbhog Foods as your partner.

Why choose catering services from Rajbhog Foods?

When you choose Rajbhog Foods for your Thanksgiving catering, you enjoy benefits like:

  • Authentic Indian food
  • Top-notch service
  • Best quality ingredients
  • Customizable menu
  • Fusion cuisine options
  • Exceptional experience for you and your guests

Hiring us as a Thanksgiving catering provider will let you:

  • Save time and spend more time with your guests
  • Enjoy delicious food with a rich taste
  • Remain stress-free about setting up before the party and cleaning up after the party

Customizable Menu for Your Convenience

At Rajbhog Foods, we believe in providing the best quality food for any event or festival, and for Thanksgiving 2022, we are prepared with all you need to enjoy. If you do not wish to opt for an all-Indian menu, you can choose from our range of fusion dishes.

If you want to treat your guests to various flavors, we have a customizable fusion menu where you can choose dishes from Chinese, Mediterranean, and Italian cuisine. We bring you everything that can make your party a success!

We cater nationwide with a guest capacity of a minimum of 25 guests or as high as 10000+ guests. So, even if you are planning for a corporate Thanksgiving dinner, you don’t need to search for anyone else!

Write to us

When you choose Rajbhog Foods as your catering partner, we are responsible for making your Thanksgiving party memorable and let you enjoy your party like a guest!

Simply write to us at to book our catering service for this Thanksgiving. You can always refer us to your friends if they struggle with last-minute preparations.

Visit to explore our menu, and you can get in touch with our catering team here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

See you soon.