Shrikhand – Lesser Known Facts About The Delicious Indian Frozen Yogurt

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Shrikhand is a traditional Indian sweet delicacy that has been passed down from generation to generation.

It is served on special occasions and festivals as a treat, typically during a grand feast. Although native to primarily Maharashtra and Gujarat, varied versions of this sweet dish are found in several parts of India, from Rajasthan to Punjab.

Let’s learn more about Shrikhand – Lesser Known Facts!

Shrikhand, one of the oldest desserts of India, can be traced back to 400-500 B.C. However, the first mention of Shrikhand in Indian history can be found in writings about food in Kannada around 1025 AD.

In the 11th century book, Lokopakara, about horticulture, medicine, cuisine and much more, written by a Sanskrit scholar Chavundaraya, there is a mention of a dish called ‘shikarini’. Another mention of Shrikhand in literature is in Mangarasa’s manuscript of Culinary Traditions in Medieval Karnataka, called Supa Shastra, in 1594 AD

While there have been mentions of this dish in historical literature, the etymology of its name Shrikhand is slightly different. It is said that the word Shrikhand comes from the Sanskrit word for condensed milk, ‘ksheera’ and the Parsi word for sweet, ‘qand’.

It is a simple yogurt-based sweet dish with added saffron, dried fruits and nuts.

There might be several different origins of this delicious delicacy but the love for it remains the same universally.

This delicious dessert is typically made from hung curd. The process is quite simple which makes it an easy dish to prepare. Pasteurized milk is heated for a few minutes and then rapidly cooled down. Some lactic curd is added to the cool milk which is then heated and cooled again. The curd obtained from this procedure is hung in a soft muslin cloth for around 8-10 hours.

After this, all the liquid is drained from the hung curd to obtain a creamy mixture called ‘chakka’. This chakka is then mixed with sugar and other flavouring ingredients along with dried fruits and nuts to give the Shrikhand a rich flavor.

Nowadays, we find Shrikhand in various different flavors, from the classic Kesar Shrikhand, Elaichi Shrikhand and Badam Shrikhand to fruit flavors such as Mango Shrikhand, Pineapple Shrikhand and Strawberry Shrikhand to innovative flavors like Tutti Fruiti Shrikhand, Rose Shrikhand and many more Shrikhand flavours.

Apart from Shrikhand – lesser known facts & being incredibly delicious, Shrikhand also has several health benefits. Dessert, having health benefits? Now that’s what everyone likes to hear!

Here are some health benefits of the popular dessert, Shrikhand:

  • Shrikhand contains several vitamins under the B vitamin group such as Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B12. These vitamins help in producing energy from the food you consume. They also help in extracting calcium from calcium-rich foods that you eat.
  • This leads us to calcium. Being a dairy product, Shrikhand is rich in calcium which helps to build stronger bones and teeth.
  • The milky qualities of Shrikhand promote better skin. It keeps your skin soft and supple by nourishing it with the required nutrients.
  • Shrikhand is full of healthy fats and can be a great support in gaining weight and muscle.
  • It keeps you full for longer and also promotes sound sleep.
  • Shrikhand is full of probiotics which aid your body to absorb nutrients from the food that you consume. It also helps in better digestion and improves your immune system.

Shrikhand is a great option for a cool dessert during the summers, a sweet dish after a fulfilling meal and even a great traditional dessert to offer to guests on festive occasions. Shrikhand is also a part of everyday cuisine. It can make a simple meal more special. You can simply have it with rotis or puris when you don’t feel like cooking. It is a great option to include in your kids’ meals to make them tastier.

Now that you know all the wonderful benefits that this delicious dessert has to offer, get your hands on some now!

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