Korbin Miles and Family Explore Rajbhog’s Diwali Hamper

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What do you picture when someone says Diwali? Streets filled with lights, fireworks, festive clothing, families together, smiles, rangoli, diyas, and boxes of mithai.

Yes! Diwali is incomplete without a box of authentic Indian mithai, that reminds us of home, no matter what part of the world we live in. Every bite of the Kaju Katli, Burfi, Ladoo or Jalebi takes us back to our childhood, doesn’t it?

For an Indian, Diwali is not just a festival, it is a sentiment.

We, at Rajbhog Foods, want each person across the globe to experience and witness the beauty of this festival. Whether you are an Indian or not, it is our constant attempt to bring you closer to rich Indian traditions and culture through the means of our authentic mithai (sweets) and snacks.

Korbin Miles and his family are renowned YouTubers. They love making various Indian dishes like Paneer Pakoda, Pani Poori, Dosas, and, boy, they are good!

Since the Miles family loves all things desi, we wanted them to experience the flavors of desi Indian mithais too. Hence, we shared a Diwali Hamper packed with goodies like burfis, rolls, ladoos, chewda, and a pair of diyas with them.

The video attached below is filled with cuteness as we see baby Miles dressed in a traditional dhoti kurta trying our sweets.

He loved all the mithais, but his most-favorites were Motichoor Ladoo and Mohini Roll. The whole Miles family really enjoyed the hamper. Look at what they have to say about it, below!

Here’s what they tried!

Rajbhog’s Diwali Hamper

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Korbin Miles and Family Explore Rajbhog’s Diwali Hamper
Korbin Miles and Family Explore Rajbhog’s Diwali Hamper

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means now’s a good time to stock up some Rajbhog goodies. If you want to try these amazing snacks and sweets yourself, order them here:https://www.rajbhog.com/