Valentine's Day

Indulge in the Menu of Love this Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air, and authentic Indian flavors from Rajbhog Foods pave the best way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day! As the evening sweetens, dive into a variety of sweets that mirror the romance you share. How about presenting a desi menu to your partner? On this special day, indulge in delicious dishes. Begin your flavorful journey with desi appetizers filled with spices and romance. Our main course is full of aromatic spices, infusing love on your dinner table. Then there are sweets. If you need ideas for an unforgettable feast, keep reading, and you will discover the true menu of love.

As Cupid strings his bow and love fills the air, treat your partner to a feast that delights on this special day! How about authentic Indian food for this celebration?

Imagine the aroma of spices and exotic flavors setting the stage for a celebration like no other. But wait, are you not in the mood for cooking on the special day? We’ve got your back!

If you want to enjoy a complete Indian menu this Valentine’s Day, Rajbhog Foods is the right place for you! Seize the moment to gift your partner the unparalleled joy of savoring the authentic taste of India.

Join us as we redefine the art of love through the artistry of flavors.

Indian Menu - Multiple Flavors for Valentine's Day Celebration

From spicy appetizers to aromatic main courses and delightful sweets, these dishes promise an exotic journey through the heart of Indian cuisine.

Below are some dishes we suggest you and your partner can enjoy on Valentine’s Day, and guess what, all the dishes are available in convenient ready-to-serve packs!

Here are some dishes for your celebration:

Indulge in the Menu of Love this Valentine’s Day

Cashew Roll

Crispy and tasty Cashew Roll is filled with the goodness of potatoes and spices rolled in bread crumbs. These fried, crunchy rolls create a perfect blend of textures and flavors.

Indulge in the Menu of Love this Valentine’s Day

Coconut Patice

Coconut Patice is a sweet and savory delight that mirrors your romance. This coconut-infused Indian appetizer sets your mood right for the main course.

Indulge in the Menu of Love this Valentine’s Day

Potato & Peas Samosa

Next is our Potato & Peas Samosa, a stuffed triangular pastry filled with veggies generally enjoyed during tea or on feasts. The seasoned peas and potatoes, cooked with aromatic spices, create a burst of flavor in every bite.

Indulge in the Menu of Love this Valentine’s Day

Kofta Curry

Revel in the magic of our Kofta Curry, where vegetable dumplings made of bottle gourd swim in a spiced curry. This exotic dish is a perfect addition to your romantic cuisine, offering a mix of flavors that tantalize your taste buds.

Indulge in the Menu of Love this Valentine’s Day

Methi Malai Mutter

Savor the season of love with Methi Malai Mutter, a traditional curry dish that combines the goodness of peas with creamy sauce. The aromatic spices elevate this dish to a new level of romance.

Indulge in the Menu of Love this Valentine’s Day

Masala Paratha

You need our Masala Paratha – an Indian stuffed flatbread made of atta mixed with a hint of spices to pair with the curry dishes. It is a delightful choice for those who appreciate the bold flavors of Indian cuisine.

Indulge in the Menu of Love this Valentine’s Day

Rajbhog Pulav

Immerse yourself in the perfection of Rajbhog Pulav, a fragrant rice dish that captures the essence of Indian cuisine. The peas and aromatic whole spices offer flavors that resonate with the spirit of love.

Indulge in the Menu of Love this Valentine’s Day

Gulab Jamun

Let the sweetness of love envelop you with our Gulab Jamun – a classic Indian sweet dish that needs no introduction. Soft, spongy, and soaked in sugar syrup, it is the perfect way to conclude your romantic feast.

Indulge in the Menu of Love this Valentine’s Day

White Chamcham

Conclude your meal on a sweet note with White Chamcham – a dessert full of sweetness. The white, soft texture mirrors the purity of your love, making it an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day.

Why Choose Authentic Indian Dishes from Rajbhog Foods?

Choosing Rajbhog Foods means choosing authenticity, flavor, and convenience.

All our dishes are available in ready-to-serve or heat-and-eat packs, allowing you to focus on the romantic moments rather than the hassle of cooking.


This Valentine’s Day, let Rajbhog Foods be the cupid that shoots arrows of flavor into your heart.

Our delicious dishes, cooked with love, promise an unforgettable celebration.

From crispy appetizers to delicious sweet dishes, every dish completes your romantic celebration. Indulge in the menu of love, and make this Valentine’s Day memorable.

Visit any of our Rajbhog Cafés or a grocery shop nearby to buy these dishes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!