Importance Of Ghee

Importance of Ghee during winters

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Ghee, clarified butter is an essential and staple food item of India. It is loved by all and is highly beneficial for health. Read this blog to know about the importance of ghee in our lives.

Winter is here, and we are all too excited. This season makes us undergo a few changes in terms of clothing and food. Winter-time foods are specialties, and ghee is one favored staple of the Indians as it enhances every dish.

You can add ghee to almost everything you eat!

Ghee adds richness to every dish be it dals, vegetable preparations, rice or rotis. It’s also a great ingredient for some desserts. It is loved throughout the year but most Indian households prefer some pure ghee on the plates during winter due to its significant beneficial properties.

Let us now look at some facts that justify the importance of ghee:

Ghee is very good for digestion:

Winters are a time when the body changes and faces some issues. One such problem is slow digestion because of restricted movement and reduced water intake. A ghee diet proves to be exceptionally helpful in this problem. Intake of food cooked with pure cow ghee is beneficial for quick digestion, and that is a significant advantage during the winters.

Ghee is a fat-burner:

Research suggests that ghee comprises 64% of saturated fats, which are health-friendly. Consuming ghee in a regular diet helps energize the body, and its fat content serves it as a fulfilling food. A tiny amount of ghee can keep you full for a longer span, and it helps reduce weight and maintain the figure.

Ghee is helpful for hair and skin beauty:

Winter is a time when we tend to face issues like dryness and dullness of the skin. The good fat that ghee contains is responsible for maintaining the natural oil level of the skin and hair scalp. A skin massage with ghee gives a complete turnover to dull skin and offers dark circle treatment. It removes the dark circles and gives glowing skin in winter. A scalp massage with ghee also prevents dandruff and balances frizzy hair.

Desi ghee benefits the body as an immunity booster:

The importance of ghee is majorly significant due to the contents of natural vitamins and nutrients. We are easily affected by flu, cough, and cold during the winters, and it is essential to keep ourselves healthy. The nutrients in ghee help us keep our bodies’ immunity levels high and stay fit throughout the winter season.

There are even more beneficial factors that ghee offers and now that you know a few important ones out of them, make sure that you maintain the inclusion of ghee in your diet regularly.

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