Authentic Indian Sweets

Experience the Tradition with Authentic Indian Sweets

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Are you craving for something delicious and sweet? You are in for a treat with Rajbhog Foods! Our authentic Indian sweets boast rich flavors that will leave you wanting more. From classic favorites like Peda to exotic delights like Badam Burfi, there is something to please every palate. Treat yourself to the sweet indulgence you deserve, and discover the magic of desi sweets from Rajbhog Foods today. With unforgettable flavors and textures, our sweets promise to take you on a journey through the heart of India. Read this blog to explore more about our delightful Indian sweets.

Are you ready to experience the rich flavors that will transport you to the bustling streets of India? Look no further than Rajbhog Foods, your gateway to authentic Indian sweets.

Our delightful treats satisfy your sweet tooth and offer a glimpse of India’s rich cultural heritage. With their mouth-watering taste and luxurious textures, Indian sweets have become a beloved delicacy cherished by people around the world.

Rajbhog Foods – The Perfect Place for Authentic Indian Sweets

At Rajbhog Foods, we take pride in being the pioneers of authentic Indian sweets in the USA. Our journey began in 1981 with a passion for preserving the traditional recipes and rich flavors passed down through generations. Each sweet is a labor of love, crafted with the finest ingredients and utmost care to ensure every bite celebrates flavor and culture. From the streets of Kolkata to the royal courts of Rajasthan, our sweets capture the essence of India’s diverse culinary landscape.

Sweet Beginnings: The Story of Rajbhog Foods

Started in 1981 by a visionary couple, Ajit and Lata Mody, Rajbhog Foods has a fascinating history. Our founders, the couple living in the USA, noticed the lack of authentic Indian sweets and decided to fill the gap. Starting with a small sweet shop in Jackson Heights, New York, they handcrafted traditional Indian sweets using pure ghee and mawa. This simple beginning marked the start of Rajbhog Foods’ journey to becoming the top brand for Indian sweets in the USA. Today, we are recognized as the pioneers of Indian sweets in the USA!

Some Utterly Delicious Indian Sweets We Offer at Rajbhog Foods

Let’s delve deeper into the magic of popular Indian sweets from Rajbhog Foods and discover why they are the ultimate choice for sweet lovers everywhere.

Experience the Tradition with Authentic Indian Sweets

Badam Malai Peda:

Picture yourself in the serene landscapes of Badamwari in Kashmir, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lush almond orchards. Our Badam Malai Peda captures this picturesque region with its creamy texture and nutty flavor. Made with saffron infused milk and topped with chopped almonds, this sweet treat is a testament to the opulence of Indian cuisine.

Experience the Tradition with Authentic Indian Sweets

Besan Ladoo:

Transport yourself to the busy cities of Maharashtra, where the aroma of freshly made Besan Ladoo fills the air. Our Besan Ladoos are golden spheres of sweetness made with roasted gram flour, ghee, and sugar, creating a melt-in-your-mouth experience that is both comforting and indulgent. With its rich flavor and smooth texture, Besan Ladoo is a timeless classic that never fails to delight.

Experience the Tradition with Authentic Indian Sweets

Gulab Jamun:

Lose yourself in the streets of Delhi, where the fragrance of Gulab Jamun lingers around every corner. These soft, syrupy balls of sweetness are made with khoya, sugar, and cardamom, creating an aromatic and indulgent flavor profile. A hint of rose water adds an extra layer of sophistication. Gulab Jamun is a quintessential Indian sweet that will satisfy your cravings.

Experience the Tradition with Authentic Indian Sweets

Badam Burfi:

Journey to the royal palaces of Hyderabad, where Badam Burfi reigns supreme as the king of sweets. Made with creamy milk and infused with the rich flavor, this sweet treat is a decadent fudge with almonds for your taste buds. With its fudge-like consistency and irresistible taste, Badam Burfi is a testament to the culinary prowess of Indian cuisine.

Experience the Tradition with Authentic Indian Sweets

Kala Jamun:

Explore the vibrant streets of Kolkata, where Kala Jamun is a beloved street food favorite. These black gulab jamun are soaked in sugar syrup, creating a satisfying flavor profile. With its unique color and smooth texture, Kala Jamun is a must-try for anyone looking to experience the true essence of Indian sweets.

Experience the Tradition with Authentic Indian Sweets

White Sandwich:

Journey to the bustling markets of Jaipur, where White Sandwich reigns supreme as the queen of sweets. Made with unique ingredients, including creamy milk and fragrant rose water, this sweet treat is a delightful fusion of rich flavors and textures. With its smooth, creamy texture and irresistible taste, White Sandwich is a timeless classic that never fails to impress.

Authentic Indian Sweets Available to Order

Whether craving a taste of home or exploring rich flavors, Rajbhog Foods has you covered. Our authentic Indian sweets are available to order from our website or shop from the Rajbhog Cafe or grocery stores nearby.

With traditional treats made in the USA and prepared using authentic desi recipes and the highest-quality ingredients, you can indulge in the magic of Indian sweets anytime, anywhere.

In conclusion, Rajbhog Foods offers a delightful range of Indian sweets that promises to please your taste buds and transport you to the vibrant streets of India. From the creamy richness of Badam Malai Peda to the aromatic indulgence of Gulab Jamun, each mithai celebrates flavor and culture.

Order now and treat yourself to the magic of desi sweets from Rajbhog Foods today.