Create Sweet Memories This Diwali

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With an abundance of variety at your disposal, you must be confused about what Diwali sweets to get this year! Read this blog to learn about some of the best options you can choose from!

Diwali is the biggest festival in India. Also known as the festival of lights, it is filled with lots of family, friends, love, food, and, most importantly, firecrackers. And just like any other Indian festival, Diwali celebrations are packed with an abundance of sweets. Sweets signify happiness; hence, they are an important part of Indian culture and tradition.

Whether you are greeting guests, ending your festive special meals, celebrating, or simply happy, having some amazing desi mithai at home surely helps. And if you’re not sure what Diwali sweets you should get, then that’s what we’re here to help you with.

Here are some of the best Indian mithai that you should definitely add to your assortment of Diwali sweets:

Create Sweet Memories This Diwali

Besan Ladoo

A classic when it comes to Diwali sweets, this heavenly treat is packed with just the right amount of nutty flavor, and sweetness. Every bite of it will crumble and then melt in your mouth as you are taken to 7th heaven and back. It’s a must-have for any special occasion, especially when it’s the grand Diwali festival!

Create Sweet Memories This Diwali

Motichoor Ladoo

This is another sweet dish that is a part of every special occasion in India. You can’t talk discuss Diwali sweets without considering Motichoor Ladoo on the menu. Made with unbelievably delightful sweet boondis, it will surely please anyone who has it. And if you do decide to add it to your Diwali sweets platter, make sure you get some extra because you will run out of it pretty quickly.

Create Sweet Memories This Diwali

Nut Roll

If you’re looking for a nutty surprise to add to your Diwali sweets menu, then this is just the right dish for you. This amazing Indian mithai is great for any occasion as its wonderful flavor can make every moment special. The soft and sweet exterior combined with the nutty center makes it one of the best dry desserts you can have this Diwali.

Create Sweet Memories This Diwali

Swiss Roll

This wonderful desi cake-like dessert is a great sweet dish to offer to your guests and loved ones on special occasions. What makes it so amazing is the fact that the cakey exterior has a sweet, gooey center that will make you have more of it with every bite.

Create Sweet Memories This Diwali

Pista Ghari

Pista Ghari is like an Indian sweet dumpling that’s filled with a nutty and flavorful mixture. However, its exterior is typically harder and has more of a bite to it. This unique mithai is one of the best bite-sized Diwali sweets you can have on your platter. Serve it to your guests, and we’re sure they will be more than pleased.

Create Sweet Memories This Diwali

Kaju Katli

This is one of the most famous and loved mithai amongst Indians. This silver-coated cashew-based dish is ever-present during every festive occasion in an Indian household. It’s usually mildly sweet and has a distinct nutty flavor that comes from the cashew dough that it’s made with. You can’t celebrate the festival of Diwali without having this on the menu!

Create Sweet Memories This Diwali

Dry Fruit Halwa

As its name suggests, this hardened pudding is packed with a variety of amazing dry fruits and nuts that enhance the sweetness of your favorite Indian dessert. When you combine the amazing flavors of halwa with so many delicious elements, it will excite every soul that indulges in it. So make sure you have it during your celebration of Diwali!

Beyond the list

There are many more ladoos, pedas, burfis, dry fruit sweets, and other mithais that will fit the occasion perfectly. You just have to give them a try and decide which ones to choose. But we’re sure many of the ones we mentioned above will be on your list. That’s just how good they are.

If you want to give them a try, then you can visit your nearest Rajbhog Café and look for samples before finalizing the Diwali sweets that you want and placing bulk orders. And if you’re looking for a variety of Indian sweets online, then you can also order our Gift Hampers from the comfort of your home and let us pick the best ones for you. This Diwali festival, create sweet memories with Rajbhog Foods and your favorite mithai!