Delicious and Tasty Upma The Classic Indian Breakfast Dish!

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Upma, one of the most-loved South Indian dishes, is enjoyed almost everywhere as the primary meal of the day. A fulfilling Indian breakfast dish, Upma boasts a lot of beneficial factors. Read this blog to learn about the nutrition facts that this delightful dish comprises.

Originating from the Indian subcontinent, especially in and around the parts of South India, Upma is a dish loved by one and all. It is the most common and famous vegetarian breakfast of Indian cuisine. A traditional dish of India, Upma tastes heavenly and also comes with benefits more than one.

In this blog, we bring you some nutritional facts about this authentic Indian food, and we shall also tell you why everyone loves Upma. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Types of Upma

The delicious and fulfilling Upma comes in different varieties, but the two most common types are Semiya Upma and Rava Upma.

While Rava Upma is the primary type that people enjoy, Semiya Upma is just another variation of the Rava Upma. Before we get to the difference between them, first, we should know the meaning of the word ‘semiya’.

Semiya is the South Indian term meaning vermicelli; therefore, Semiya Upma is what we make with it. Usually, Rava Upma is made of semolina and various other ingredients along with flavorful Indian spices. Semiya Upma is just another variety where instead of semolina, we use the thin noodle derived from it called vermicelli. So both types are close to each other with just one minor difference in the main content.

Benefits of having Upma for breakfast

First, Upma is loaded with nutritious elements, which is why it is highly beneficial. If you’re wondering how many calories are there in Upma, then let us tell you that it is quite low in calories! On top of that, Upma boasts a high content of fiber, vitamins, and healthy fats. The lower range of cholesterol makes Upma one of the perfect breakfast dishes to keep you healthy and your diet balanced.

Why do we love Upma so much?

The best thing about Upma is that it is considered a light breakfast and also gets digested quite slowly, thereby keeping you from indulging in unhealthy snacks and tidbits. A bowl of Upma has a lot of veggies and, from a health perspective, boasts a high content of iron and minerals. So, indulging in one bowl of Upma during breakfast keeps you full for an extended period. Moreover, the high vegetable content keeps you active throughout the day, keeping your tummy full and your mind at the peak of its productivity.

How or with what does Upma taste the best?

Upma is best enjoyed when you serve it with some coconut chutney and since it is a breakfast dish, a cup of masala tea or freshly brewed coffee alongside makes the perfect accompaniment. Other than that, people have various ways in which they love to savor Upma. Some prefer it with pickles, yogurt or chutney and some even like it with sambar. It’s all about how you wish to enjoy this delicious dish.

One major thing about Upma is that it needs to be prepared very carefully as a little bit of negligence can make the dish go wrong. So it is better to be very cautious about the process and ingredients while you cook it. Otherwise, this dish might not turn out to be as expected. We sincerely do not want you to hate this mouthwatering dish, which is why we spare you from the hassle of cooking it.

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