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Book the Best Catering Services for All Your Parties and Events in the New Year

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Planning and organizing parties and events in the new year can be tedious. There are so many things you will need to consider, and food is one of the most important of them. A caterer for parties and events can help you, but you need to have the best caterers at home. How to find them in the new year? Let’s discover some facts about party catering in this blog.

Many times, the best parties happen when you arrange everything by yourself for your hosts. You can bring your friends and family to your home or a big party hall, everything with such parties is something very warm, inviting, informal and extra special.

It may sound like a scene from your favorite web series, but organizing a house party can be terrifying. Where would they sit? What will I serve them? There are tons of questions you may come across. Before you start panicking about planning a party in the New Year, let us bring you a convenient option – hire a caterer at home.

A caterer for a party is an ideal option if you decide to throw any parties in the New Year. Party caterers will handle the food and drinks while you enjoy your party or event like a guest!

Rajbhog Foods is a 4-decade old brand with a legacy of bringing the authentic flavors of India to the USA. Along with our authentic Indian dishes served in Rajbhog Cafes or our heat-and-eat packs available at grocery stores, we also offer the best catering services for your parties and events in the New Year!

Parties and events may get complicated when you decide to do everything by yourself. You will feel drained out at the end of the party, and you may not want to host anything again.

Caterers at home will help you keep them simple. Rajbhog Food caterers can make every event at your home relaxing and let you enjoy with your loved ones and not fret and stress.

What makes Rajbhog Foods the best caterers for your parties and events in the New Year?


Our chefs have exceptional culinary skills and can cook the most authentic Indian food for you. Our undying love for Indian food and serving people joy makes us an ideal caterer for your birthday parties, house parties, and even corporate events. Our chefs have carried forward original Indian recipes from their motherland, applauded by everyone.


We make every dish with only pure and fresh ingredients in hygienic facilities. Rajbhog Foods has been very selective and responsible in settling with food quality. We offer 100% vegetarian food, and many of our dishes suit people following vegan and gluten-friendly diets.


With Rajbhog Foods, you get hundreds of Indian dishes to serve to your guests. We bring the perfect Indian food culture loved by everyone. Along with the Indian menu, you also get a fusion menu where you can choose dishes from multiple cultures across the world. To add more, our Indian sweets will leave you and your guests drooling.

When you choose Rajbhog Foods for your events catering, you enjoy benefits like

  • Authentic Indian food
  • Best quality ingredients
  • Fusion cuisine options
  • An exceptional experience for you and your guests

Customizable Menu for your events

Choose us as caterers at home for your parties, we will save your time, serve you delicious food with a rich taste, and you will remain stress-free about almost everything about the party. Moreover, you will get to choose every dish on your menu by yourself. We also offer an option where you can choose a mix of different cuisines for your parties.

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