All you need to know about Pani Puri!

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Indian street food is famous for the wide variety of items it boasts. But do you know which dish rules this part of Indian cuisine? Well, it is none other than our regular go-to choice of street food, Pani Puri! Read this blog to learn about this lip-smacking dish and what makes it so famous and desirable.

The diverse world of Indian street food always spoils us for choice. But we Indians typically tend to stumble upon the thoughts of Pani Puri and end up drooling. This delightful snack has been a part of the age-old tradition of India, and to this day, it is consistently regarded as the most-desired Indian street food.

This blog brings you several facts you probably never knew about this highly delicious snack. So scroll down and learn about the origin, taste, and other different points of this very authentic Indian chaat!

Why is Pani Puri so famous?

Snacks always make us happy in any kind of situation, be it a dull afternoon, a day of excessive work, or a gala festive celebration at home with loved ones, they form an essential part of our happiness. But when it comes to us Indians, Pani Puri is the only snack that attracts our attention at any given point. Once the craving starts, there’s no end to it until we gobble up several Puris, one after another.

The goodness of the stuffing and the sweet, sour, and spicy taste of the water keeps us wanting more. The flavorful content of this delicacy is what makes it so special to Indians worldwide.

What is it made of?

Pani Puris are crispy hollow balls prepared with semolina and wheat flour. These hollow balls are then stuffed with potatoes, dal moth, sev, spicy boondi, etc., to one’s liking.

What makes Pani Puri so tasty?

The tangy and spicy tamarind water and the coriander and mint flavored water are responsible for making Pani Puri a chatpata chaat other than its stuffings. People also add some spices to these flavorful waters according to their taste to enhance the fragrance.

How many types are there?

As it varies according to the region, this Indian snack is also called by different names, such as Pani Puri in Mumbai, Golgappa in Delhi, Phuchka in Bengal, etc. The variance of taste in other places depends on how they are prepared. But in most cases, the recipe is similar.

The best thing about Pani Puri is that you do not always need to find a stall that sells this snack when you wish to enjoy some. As mentioned above, it is one of the easy delicious recipes of Indian cooking. So you can simply make this delicacy in the comfort of your home and either enjoy it by yourself or serve your guests during a get-together. Since you have to pour in the stuffing from scratch, you can also make it spicy food or less spicy as per the taste of you or your guests.

No one would deny their love for this delicacy, and you will find people craving for more even after finishing dozens of Puris. It is one of the snacks you can stock up on that’ll help you and make your life easier during a sudden party or get-together at your place.

If you wish to prepare this delicacy, order online from our website or head to a nearby grocery store and grab a pack of Pani Puri from our product range. Once you have these round hollow Puris at your disposal, choose the ingredients you would like to stuff them with and get those packs too. You can choose from various products ranging from sev, boondi, spicy boondi, dal moth, etc. Moreover, if you don’t feel like making it but wish to enjoy some, then visit a Rajbhog Cafe near you and enjoy this tasty snack with your friends.