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We received the shipment of Jalebis by Fedex this morning. Thank you for your prompt response and prompt actions to deliver the rest of the jalebis to us. We are very impressed with the courteous, friendly and professional service offered by the Rajbhog team and the speed in which our request was handled. I always have admired the quality of your sweets and snacks, now I have one more reason; your outstanding Customer Service. Thanks again. As I we shared with you we have Shivaratri Pooja tomorrow and our more than 35 guests will enjoy the Rajbhog Sweets. Nisha and Vikas Padhye
Nisha Padhye

Amazing Sweets

In April, I had ordered sweets from them online, But wanted some customized sweets. So I called at their customer service number, The lady I spoke to was good with even better suggestions. Their service and the sweets were excellent- Just like I wanted FRESH and Tasty. I was a little apprehensive to order through Rajbhog after a mix review, but I am happy I went ahead with Rajbhog. I am definitely ordering again from them.
Neha Kochhar
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